Three of Hearts

Jayne Renault
7 mins read
Published over 1 year ago
Chapter 2

Three of Hearts (Part 2)

I slam on the brakes, just barely coming to a halt before I smash into the bumper of the car in front of me.

“Fuck, Alex.” I hit the steering wheel as I bang the back of my skull into the headrest. “Not on this highway during rush hour. You’re going to get us killed!”

He dips his finger deeper into the impossible wetness he has already stirred up between my legs.

“Bit dramatic,” he says with a chuckle.

“Don’t make me turn this car around and take you right back to the airport.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” he says as he withdraws his hand from my underwear. Alex licks his finger clean while staring me down.

I shoot a playfully dirty look at him. “You’re such a dick.”

“I thought that’s why you liked me.”

I take a deep breath and shake my head, feigning frustration. He retorts with a grin rife with smug faux-innocence.

“Look, I do want to do terrible things to you,” I say. “As soon as we’re out of this nasty traffic and safely stopped.”

“You used to be fun.”

“Fuck you, I’m still fun.”

“Prove it.”

I shoot the most deadly serious glare at him. He knows just how to get under my skin, but he has no idea what he’s just done.

The sun is just barely peeking over a particularly hazy Montreal this evening, lighting it up in gauzy oranges, pinks, and purples. The rain has been sparse, the sun has been aggressive, and construction, as usual, abounds, resulting in an unreasonable amount of dust and debris beclouding the atmosphere. 

We don’t have to go to much further before I find what I’m looking for — the exit to a street a know well that leads to a dead-end road I know even better.

I take the right turn intentionally sharp. Alex grips the holy-shit handle and looks at me with a combination of shock and laughter. 

“Whoa, girl. What’s gotten into you?”

I say nothing as I execute a perfect parallel park on the quiet side street and lock my car into park. 

“Get out and follow me,” I bark. I’m out of the car and walking down the sidewalk, away from the main street, before Alex even has his seatbelt unbuckled.

“Jayne,” he calls after me. “Jayne, wait up. Where are you going?”

I turn around and, while walking backwards, yell back, “Proving to you how fun I am,” and disappear around the corner. I break off into a sprint to cover more ground. I’m waiting at the far end of the decrepit industrial relic of a building that spans most of this block when he finally rounds the corner too.

Alex looks at me and shakes his head. I presume still he’s wondering just what I’m up to.

“Come on!” I shout. “We’re almost there.”

He jogs to catch up and follows me through the overgrown shrubbery, down the alley between two old warehouses.

I wait for him halfway down said alley, arms crossed, toe-tapping.

“Took you long enough,” I say.

“Would you just shut up already so I can kiss you properly.”

“Alright, fine, if you insi—”

His mouth is on mine before I can finish; we crash like storm waves in the middle of the ocean.

Alex has always kissed me more earnestly than most. His tongue dives deep without force; his fingers weave through my hair with certainty and care without any snags; he pulls me in close without crushing me. He’s all confidence without presumption. I’m not sure how all that is possible, but I’m also not always sure Alex is real. Most of the time, he seems too good to be true. Maybe it’s because we only see each other once or twice a year and only get the best of each other. Whatever it is, I’m honored and not a little humbled to be able to experience it in this lifetime.

As we devour each other, I push Alex back into the brick wall behind him, pressing my whole front into his. Our breaths are coming hard and fast, like we’re trying not to drown in each other. I’m tearing at his clothes, he’s carving tracks down my back under my shirt. I rip my shirt right off, exposing my bare breasts to the air.

“Fuck,” he says, cupping them in his hands and squeezing them together, “you are gorgeous.”

Then Alex pushes me away from him, back into the opposing wall, and presses himself firmly in to me, kissing me as he rummages around with my shorts to rip them open. He squats down, pulling my shorts and underwear down with him. I cry out into the space between the rooftops when he buries his face without ceremony into my eager cunt.

I run my fingers through his hair, cup the back of his neck, clutch at his shoulders as I throb into his tongue. “Fuck, Alex.”

“Just wait until we get Jack in here too.”

I dig my nails into his arms at the thought.

“While I’m down here, he can fuck your mouth,” Alex moans between strokes. “I know how much you like that.”

“Mmm, you know me well,” I groan.

“And when I’ve got you good and wet…” I hear him unzip his pants, “I know how easily…” his pants fall to the ground; his cock rubs between my labia, “I’ll be able to slide inside.”

I gasp as he matches his actions to his words, and wrap my arms around his neck. He scoops me up and pushes me into the wall. My lower back scrapes against the bricks as he pumps up and into me. My midsection tenses on its own and I clench all around him, biting into his shoulders. Overwhelmed by the perfection of this moment, tears form spontaneously and spill down my cheeks.

“Oh, fuck, Alex,” I growl. “And just wait until I force your mouth down onto Jack’s cock. Making it good and wet so he can replace you and I can get a little taste of what you already know so well.”

“What do you think,” his ragged whisper scrapes my ear, “are you going to bring the strap-on out that night too?”

“One thing at a time, my dear,” I grunt between thrusts. “We’re already throwing the poor guy into the deep end by asking this of him in the first place.”

“Something tells me he’s open to more than you give him credit for,” says Alex. “He’s been fucking you for months, after all.”

“This is a fair point,” I concede. “But enough talk. Fuck me properly, before the sun is gone.”

Alex does as I wish, and I scream into the ether with abandon. I dig my nails so hard into his back that I’m certain I’m drawing blood, even through his shirt. But he makes no indication of being upset or hurt. He fucks me until its too much, until he can’t hold me any longer, until I can’t bear it, until he’s about to come. 

I insist that he put me down me, and I tumble to my knees, catching him in my mouth just before he spurts everywhere. I tug at this balls as he aches and groans through his orgasm; I catch every last drop.

When he’s finished, I rise to my feet while he struggles to stand. Alex grabs the sides of my face and kisses me harder than any time before. 

“Fucking hell, I’ve missed you,” he gasps between breaths.

“Because I’m that fun, right?”

His head droops to the crook of my neck in defeat. “Yes, fine,” he concedes to my clavicle. “You’re still fun.”

“Thank you. Now put your pants on and let’s go. I’m hungry.”

Alex gives my bum a playful tap as he follows behind me back to the car. “Of course you are.”