Journey By Moonlight

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Chapter 2

Journey By Moonlight (Part 2)

As the days passed my feelings for him deepened and it was more than just the sexy stuff that drew me in. Having him as part of my life made such a big difference. Someone to share my worries and my triumphs. I couldn't be sure but it seemed he felt the same. Never failing to catch up with me at every opportunity. When my turn came to parent Jimmy the two weeks felt like an age. I became irritable and wished the time away. I missed Ian dreadfully.

About nine weeks into our 'relationship' things became a little more serious. It began one morning when Jimmy had started a month's summer holiday with his dad. I was just off to work when Ian called.

“Get ready. We have a whole month of fun ahead, Jude. Just you and me.”

I laughed and excused myself not wanting to be late for the train. My day was extremely busy. Only when I was on the way home did I begin to wonder what he'd meant. Could it be he was going to come and visit me? That would be more than exciting.

When I got in I found a new message on the answering machine. He'd always come across as someone who knew his own mind, very confident and self-assured. He sounded all those things whenever we spoke but this time his tone was almost official, telling me to grab a glass of wine and relax in the bath. I was to rub my boobs and clit with some soap, just enough to nearly climax but not quite. And to be ready for him by eight.

Now that did sound sexy, and fun. Getting into the bath I followed his instructions. Soaping my pussy I slid the bar down my slit teasing the skin and made ripples with the water to titivate my open thighs. My cunt ached with need and I found it difficult to stop as I sponged around my nipples. It had been many years since I'd played in the bath like this. Usually, I was too exhausted for such frolics and just soaked, or occasionally read. I made a mental note to remember bath time was not just for bathing.

Once dressed, I was pouring myself another glass when the intercom bleeped. It was the local Indian restaurant with a delivery. Explaining the bill had already been paid. Him!

Just as I was about to tuck into my supper when the noise of the phone made me jump. It had to be Ian.

“Thanks so much,” I enthused. “The food looks really nice.”

“My pleasure, Jude. You work jolly hard and need someone to take care of you. It's important to eat healthily. I take it you got my message this morning about having a bit of fun while your son is away?”

Yes. Sounds exciting. What did you have in mind?” My heart skipped, hoping my initial thoughts had been right and that he was about to tell me what train he'd be arriving on.

“Well, Jude, I thought you and I could change the dynamic of our relationship a little. How about we play a few sex games over the phone where I am in charge and you do whatever I ask?”

Suddenly the scenes in 9 1/2 Weeks came to mind and even though I was disappointed we weren't going to meet, his idea was something I wanted to be part of.

“You mean you will give me instructions and I have to follow them?” I liked the idea of being directed.

“Exactly, Jude. It will be fun and I promise we will both learn from it, and of course, enjoy the moment too.”

“Okay. Why not. What harm can it do?” I laughed, my mind questioning yet racing ahead, imagining what things we might get up to.

“What harm indeed? Thank you, Jude. In that case, I will go ahead with ordering you some presents. Express delivery. Why don't you be a good girl, enjoy your dinner while it's still hot and call me back when you've finished.”

Good girl? Oh my

I did as Ian suggested. The vegetable Dhansak and pilau rice turned out to be delicious as it looked. I rang him straight afterwards, thanking him again for being so thoughtful.

Then he lowered his voice and said, “You know Jude, I am quite sure you have a pretty mouth. I am visualising your lips clasping my very... meaty... cock. Why not let your tongue do the talking and show me your gratitude for the hot, spicy meal you just enjoyed.”

I started breathing faster and my hand went to explore the heat in my panties. 

Yes. Still turned on from earlier.

“Now, now, Jude. This is all about me.”

What? How does he know what I’m doing? 

He could already read me so well.

“Come on, Princess, tell me exactly what you intend to do. My pleasure is paramount.”

The games he'd mentioned were starting. Up to this point, apart from chatting about the colour of my panties, I hadn't really had to participate much in our phone sex talk. I'd been a little shy of using dirty language and left all that to him. But I craved this. I felt horny as fuck and knowing he wanted it, I enthusiastically went into detail.

“My tongue is flicking across the tip of your cock. As I pull back the foreskin it push—”

“Hang on, gorgeous. Slow... down. We have got all evening.”

“Ah yes. Of course. Sorr... I mean, where was I? Let me start again. My tongue. It's slowly, tenderly caressing the end of your dick. As I slide my hand down your shaft, my lips push against the taut skin around your knob, massaging. Your cock is throbbing, hard as can be and you beg me to take its length all the way down my throat.”

He took up the baton. 

“I'm holding your head in place and swiftly jerk forward. My dick is submerged in your mouth. Feels like a deep, wet cunt. Gagging slightly, you cup my balls with one hand while slurping, your tongue going all the way down to stroke the root.”

Picturing the scene in my head I added, “Staring down as I work for your pleasure... you can't hold back any longer, the sensations are overpowering and… and squirting your full load down my throat, you groan. But a little drips out, along my chin, and onto your body.”

I practically sang the last sentence and heard him moan, followed by a sigh, then, “There's my girl.”

He took a moment or two to regulate his breathing.

“It would, of course, be your job to lick up the mess, any you didn't swallow. But seeing as you're not actually present, perhaps you might want to clear away the dirty dinner plates and cutlery, and I will call you back after a quick shower.”

He rang about half an hour later. Instead of washing up, I'd sat thinking about what we'd done and how it had to be the hottest thing that ever happened to me. I was desperate to get to bed for my own climax.

“Hello again, Jude. Did you do as I asked and clean up your kitchen?”

“No, sorry, I was—”

“Stop this minute,” he interrupted. “No more apologising. I asked you to do one simple thing and you couldn't manage it.”

He chastised me for being disobedient. Sounding hurt, he assured me my welfare was of utmost importance in his instructions. How, he exclaimed, could I possibly enjoy the following day if I woke to a pile of unwashed plates? I nervously laughed as he continued to lecture me, insisting we had forged a particular kind of friendship which could work perfectly for the two of us. We'd both agreed to have some fun and he had made the necessary arrangements to enable us to enjoy ourselves while I was home alone for the next few weeks. By not playing my part, I had been disrespectful.

I was mortified to have hurt his feelings. I truly didn't want to lose him. Furthermore, I was happy to do as he asked. He treated me with such respect and I understood our relationship was a long-distance transaction. Immediately, I assured him it wouldn't happen again.

Ian was gracious and remarked that I had to be punished for my negligence. He explained this would make me consider how my actions did not affect me alone, but also impacted on him. I saw his point and agreed. The upshot: I was not allowed to masturbate that night.

“Can I trust you to be obedient, Jude?”

I swore he could and I meant it. Such a turn-on, being told what to do by a man like him. He had standards. Nothing wrong with that. He explained the packages would arrive in the morning and to make sure I was out of bed to sign for them. I couldn't wait to see what he'd sent and once we finished chatting I went straight to bed.

Laying still between my sheets, all senses were heightened. The quilt grazed at my nipples as if a hundred tongues were tasting them. But I didn't touch myself. I wanted to be true to him.

The next day, I'd not been up long when the postman knocked, wanting a signature for three boxes cloaked in anonymous brown paper. Eagerly, I took them into the bedroom. 

How exciting, presents to unwrap! But hang on… 

Ian hadn't said I was allowed to open them. We'd agreed he would be calling all the shots. I decided to wait. 

But touching couldn't hurt.

I picked up each one, shook the contents and held it to the light. Why was I even contemplating waiting? He'd never know that I wasn't keeping my side of our deal, and I really wasn't used to being told what I should do, even if the idea did make my cunt clench.

Putting the largest parcel on my knee I pulled off some tape and nearly jumped six feet when the phone rang at precisely that moment. I nervously picked up the receiver. Had he guessed I was poised to open the gifts? This guy had really got under my skin.

Beth's familiar voice lowered my heartbeat. She wanted us to go shopping. 

“That would be really nice, Beth but sorry, I'm busy today.” I lied, saying Jimmy had asked me to take over some more of his clothes as soon as possible, meaning now. This was not the time to tell her about Ian.

As soon as I cut off from Beth, the phone shook back into action. I snatched it up before it had even made a noise.

“Hmm. Eager girl. Just how you should be. Anticipating. Wet and wanton.”

Yes. I was all those things.

He stayed on the line while I opened the two bigger gifts. I couldn't believe my eyes when the first box contained a state-of-the-art silicone dildo. Shiny and pink. I burst out laughing but immediately felt its smoothness, very similar to skin. The second parcel was beautifully packaged and inside was a really sexy, bright red teddy. The smallest present, he said, was for later.

“Wow, the lingerie is so nice and pretty.” Nobody had ever bought me such sexy gifts before. I felt attractive and wanted.

Ian praised me for having the foresight not to open the gifts before he had called and gave me a list of things to do before checking in with him later that evening. First, put my flat in order, then treat myself to lunch at a nice quiet cafe taking the third package with me. In the evening, I was to have a long soak in the bath, not touching my cunt at all, and dress in the teddy when I was ready to call. The 'do exactly as you're told ' idea was shaping up nicely. Normally I would not have indulged the luxury of spending a day doing nice things just for me. But with his permission, anything was allowed.

At the cafe, I unwrapped the last parcel. It was a novel with an inscription saying it was important for me to expand my mind. Inside the front cover was a £20 pound note with lunch for my Princess scribbled across it.

The novel 'Journey by Moonlight' was fascinating. All about a guy who is torn between his dark desires and the urge to 'do the right thing'. I could barely put the book down long enough to eat my lunch of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. With a large glass of Sauvignon. White of course. 

Later, as I skipped up the steps to the apartment, my heart began to swell. Coming home seemed different. I had someone who was taking care of me. Not alone anymore. I felt important. Valid. What we were forging together looked special in my eyes.

By the time I had bathed and put on the lingerie, my cunt was throbbing with need. Admiring myself in the mirror I marveled at how it was a perfect fit. Very impressive — he had guessed my size. It is surprising how much we can give away.

I sat down on the carpeted floor. The moon was full and I tried to ignore how its brightness highlighted the shabby interior of the sitting room. I really needed to decorate. Ignoring that thought, I clasped the phone and called him.

“Good evening, Jude. How was your day?”

I told him what I'd had for lunch and how I'd enjoyed my bath. In fact, to be honest, I felt thoroughly spoiled.

“And what do you think of the book?”

For a moment I clammed up. I'd never been good at writing and thought that stretched to my understanding of literature. This almost seemed as if he was testing me. But I had really enjoyed the story thus far. Taking a deep breath, reassured by his confidence in my abilities, I gave it my best shot.

“Well, the hero does not have any redeeming qualities but I'm finding his existential journey extremely intriguing. His attention never remains on anything for very long, leaving me wondering what he'll abandon next.” I even impressed myself.

“Yes, indeed he's an anti-hero. I am very glad you are enjoying it. A careful reader can learn a lot about human nature from those pages. OK, baby girl, are you wearing your raunchy little outfit especially for me?”

“Yes — it looks really nice too.”

“I'm sure it looks a lot better than nice, Jude. Exquisite, I should think. Make yourself comfortable.”

Putting a cushion behind my head lay back.

“Now I'm going to fuck you.”

My pulse began to race. He spoke very calmly and deliberately making it clear I was to do exactly what was requested of me and not deviate at all. I undid the poppers on the gusset of the lingerie and opened my legs, exposed and vulnerable. After liberally applying lube to the dildo, under his instruction, I rested the head at the entrance to my cunt

“I want you — badly. If I were there I'd take you hard and fast. No foreplay for my bitch.”

His husky voice rasped in my ear and at the sound of those words, knowing he wanted me desperately, I pulled my thighs apart and in one push the phallic toy disappeared easily, all the way. I was dripping for him already. Hearing me moan, he continued.

Good girl, you're mine aren't you. Get a rhythm going. Not slow. But certain, urgent strokes.”

I happily obeyed. With each thrust, I got wetter. How was that possible? I angled it slightly to hit my G-spot as I drove the toy in, rubbing my clit on the return stroke. In my head, the two of us were really having sex. It had been over two years since I'd last had actual intercourse. With a friend of my ex. He'd always fancied me and wine, dined and had his way. I’d agreed. But then he disappeared back to the old girlfriend and we never spoke again. 

But with Ian on the phone, that voice in my ear as real as if he was laying beside me, we were not just shagging, we were making love. Every inch of my body was shaking when he agreed it was my time to climax.

I don't remember either of us hanging up but I fell asleep exactly where I was, laying on the floor. Exhausted yet ecstatically happy. Sometime later, I awoke shivering in the dark and stumbled into the bedroom.