Should Not

Alex Emery
11 mins read
Published about 1 year ago
Chapter 2

Should Not (Part 2)

think we both knew going on this trip together was dangerous. But Katie is one of our best friends, and she wanted to go to the mountains for her birthday. Who were we to say no? 

But ever since that night we shared, after I learned how sweet you tasted on my tongue, the energy between us has been electric. 

Now we were at this beach house with a friend who we'd prefer to not know that we’ve slept together. And you quickly pointed out that the birthday girl should get a room to herself, conveniently leaving the two of us sharing a room and a bed.

We had just said our goodnights to Katie when you closed the door behind us and pushed me firmly back until I was sitting on the bed. My breath caught in my chest when I saw the arousal in your eyes. I looked up and down your body, eager to drink it what I’d only been able to sneak glances at all day. Your devilish grin as you straddled my lap made my heart race. You leaned in for a sloppy kiss and I kissed you back for a moment but had to pull back to get my thoughts together.

“Whoa, hang on,” I said, hesitantly. “I’m all for doing this but we haven’t really talked about whether last time was going to be a one-time thing or what. I mean, isn’t a hall pass usually just for one time?”

I so badly wanted a repeat of the last time, but I didn’t want us making bad decisions and jeopardizing relationships in the heat of the moment.

“You’re precious,” you replied, moving to sit next to me on the bed. “Sorry, you’re totally right, we should talk about this.” You took my hand and stroked it gently. “I had an amazing night with you last time. You made me feel so incredible. I loved getting to touch you. And I think we’ve done a good job of not screwing up our friendship so far, yeah?

You looked at me questioningly and I nodded. You released my hand and faced me.

“And I can’t get you out of my head," you added with a warm smile.

I bit my bottom lip. It’s not like I didn’t know you had enjoyed yourself the last time, but it felt good to hear you say it. But that wasn't the only issue weighing on me.

“And Cameron?” I asked. 

“Cameron trusts me. And he knows that I want this. We talked about the potential for something to happen this weekend and he’s good with it.” You looked at me softly, before leaning in and kissing my cheek. “So… are we good? Do you still want this?”

I finally let my worries subside and took a deep breath. “I do,” I replied, and before the words were fully out of my mouth, your lips were on me again. You kissed down my cheek, dropping a line of soft kisses until you reached my ear. When your teeth gently bit down and tug at my earlobe, I felt a surge of arousal. 

“Goddamn, Jess, you’ve been torturing me today, come here,” I growled, grabbing your hand and guiding your body back on top of mine, just as we had been after you first pushed me onto the bed.

“What do you mean?” you asked with a knowing glint in your eye. 

“You know exactly what I mean,” I said in a low whisper. "First of all, that bathing suit should be illegal.” I kissed you again while grabbing your ass and pulling you down to me. “Second, I love how you just ‘happened’ to need to get something from the living room in just your towel after your shower.”

“I can’t help it,” you panted, pulling back to catch your breath. “Every time I see you I just need to tease you, to make sure you want me.” 

“Baby, you can feel how much I want you, right?” I asked, taking your hand and slipping it into my panties. 

“Fuck,” you moaned, pushing me all the way back onto the bed. “I want these off,” you growled possessively, before yanking my pajama pants and panties down and tossing them aside. I grabbed at your tank top in turn, dragging it over your head and tossing it away. 

“I didn’t even mention that fact that you didn’t put a bra on and then came out to the living room with me and Katie, conveniently pushing your pillow into my side to lie down so I could see down your shirt,” I said. “You’re such a damn tease.”

You removed my t-shirt before crawling up my body and kissing me again. “You fucking love it.” 

“God, I really do,” I said, grabbing your ass and nudging my knee between your thighs. 

You bent down and caught one of my hard nipples in your mouth, nibbling gently. I moaned deeply. 

“Shhh…” you whispered. “Quiet, M. You don’t want Katie to know what’s going on in here, do you?” My back arched, my body pushing up into you as you pinched my other nipple. I moaned again, quieter this time. My hands ran up and down your body, exploring every inch of soft skin I could reach. 

“I need to taste you,” you whispered, trailing kisses down my stomach. I felt my clit throb at the thought. I had been imagining what it would feel like for so long, but at the moment the only thing I could think about was taking care of you. 

“Come here,” I said, pulling you up to kiss you deeply. “Not yet. I need to make you cum first. I have to,” I panted, slipping my hand down your body. I pushed you onto your back and opened your legs wide. I spread your lips with my fingers and bent down to take two long licks, just to make sure you were wet enough. I shouldn’t have worried. 

“Goddamn, you’re so wet,” I gasped as I slipped two fingers inside. You grabbed a pillow and pressed it into your mouth, trying not to scream out. My thumb found your clit, stroking it eagerly as my fingers dove inside. With my other hand, I reached for your nipples and alternated pinching and pulling them. 

“Please,” you whimpered as I curled my fingers inside you. “Please make me cum, Maddie.”

“Are you close?” I asked, curling and releasing my fingers inside over and over while I thumbed your throbbing clit. 

“So fucking close,” you replied, your eyes closing as my fingers hit that perfect spot. 

“You’ve got to be so quiet for me,” I said, pausing to lick your nipple. “Can you do that?” 

You opened your eyes and nodded very seriously before covering your face with the pillow again. I kept pressure on one nipple as I increased the tempo of the fingers stroking your g-spot. It only took a few seconds. Your hips pressed up against me. I released your nipple and my free hand pressed down on your stomach, holding you in place as I stroked you through your orgasm. 

As you struggled to catch your breath, I removed my fingers and brought them to my lips.

“No,” you whispered urgently, grabbing my wrist and tugging it toward you. “I want to taste,” you said. 

I felt my body flush. 

“Have you tasted yourself before?” I asked, moving my fingers toward your lips. 

You shook your head. 

"Honestly, I’ve never really been curious about it, before you," you said. "Now I want to know how you taste, and I guess that made me want to know how I taste, too." Your face looked flushed, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the orgasm or if you were suddenly feeling shy. 

“That’s really sexy, Jess,” I said. My fingers reached your lips and you took them in, timidly at first. Then you licked slowly up and down their length, swirling your tongue around them. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like if I had a cock and your tongue was working it the very same way. It was intoxicating. 

“I taste really good,” you said with a grin after I pulled my fingers away. 

I scooted myself up to lie down next to you on the bed. I kissed you, groaning when I realized I was tasting you on your own lips. “God, you really do.” 

You turned to your side and pushed me onto my back. My heart raced, remembering what you had already said you wanted to do to me. I had been imagining what it would feel like for you to go down on my months… maybe even years. 

“I… so I mean, I feel you, like, know that I haven’t done this before, right? Gone down on a girl, I mean,” you added, stumbling on your words a little. I grabbed your hand and intertwined our fingers. 

“I know. And you obviously don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

“Oh, I know. I want to do it,” you said, dropping a kiss onto my shoulder. I’m just not totally certain about where to start.”  

“Well, I know it’s cliché, but it never hurts to just do whatever it is that you like someone else to do to your body.” 

I flipped onto my side to face you and leaned in for what I expected to be a soft kiss, but it heated quickly. I felt another wave of arousal flood my body as you took control, pushing me back again and straddling my body. You nudged my legs apart with your knee and settled your body in between them. I could feel the wet heat of your pussy pressed against me and my body bucked upward, looking for more friction. 

“You’re so sexy,” you whispered as you bent down to lightly bite my nipple. “You like that, right?” you asked. “When I bite them?”

“God yes,” I breathed, impressed that you had paid that much attention last time. Having my nipples pinched, pulled, and nibbled was a huge turn on. “More…” I begged. 

You rolled my other nipple between your fingers and my hips refused to stay still, rolling upward, desperate for direct contact against my clit. 

“I think I’m ready. Are you ready?” you asked softly. 

I nodded eagerly. I tried to take in every single thing I could see, smell, hear. After all these months of fantasizing I was finally going to get to feel your mouth on my pussy. It was a little surreal.

You crawled down my body until you were kneeling between my legs. I drank in the sight as you bent down and dragged your tongue along the outside of my swollen lips. I felt my hips arch up again but tried to keep them under control. I wanted to let you go at your own pace.

My eyes snapped shut as your tongue parted my lips, and you let out a soft moan as you got your first taste of my wetness. I forced my eyes open and looked down to see you grinning up at me. 

“Maddie, you taste so good,” you said, diving back in for more. Less timid this time, your fingers spread my lips apart and I could feel your whole mouth pressing into my wetness. I slipped one hand down and tangled my fingers in your hair, stroking softly. I didn’t want to pressure you, just to let you know how good it felt. 

You licked slowly down and back up, inching your way closer to the one spot I desperately wanted you to touch. I kept reminding myself to be patient, to let you take your time.

I felt your hands on me, spreading my pussy open so you could look at my clit. I wondered exactly what it looked like from your perspective. I could feel how swollen it was, so eager for your tongue. 

And then, it finally happened. You bent down and dragged your tongue across my clit. My whole body tensed. You worked slowly, lapping lightly at first. I struggled to keep my hips still and let you explore at your own pace. 

“Your tongue feels perfect, Jess,” I moaned softly as you started to pick up the tempo of your strokes. My clit was throbbing now. Every so often you moved down and licked all the way from my entrance back up to my clit, driving me insane. My nipples were aching. I pinched at them lightly while you ate my pussy. 

“What do you need?” you asked, looking up at me. “I want to make you cum.”

“I think I can cum like this,” I replied. “Just a little more pressure on my clit?” 

You nodded and grinned at me before moving back into position. Your hand reached up for one of mine and I took it, intertwining our fingers. Your tongue quickly found my clit again and this time applied more pressure to it. I squeezed your hand tightly in approval. 

“So good,” I moaned as you sucked my clit, my hips arching up into you. You flicked your tongue against it rapidly, and I lost control. I held your hand tightly as my hips bucked against you. You did your best to hold me still and keep your tongue where I so badly needed it. 

“Right there,” I breathed. “Don’t stop, please.” Your tongue moved faster and faster against my clit until finally my hips froze in place and I felt my whole body release. You kept moving your tongue, but slowed your movements as I worked my way through my orgasm. You crawled up and nudged me onto my side, your body pressing against mine.

“I like being the big spoon,” you said playfully sneaking your arm across my waist. I pressed back into you. 

“You make an excellent big spoon,” I replied. “Jess, that was amazing. You’re sure you haven’t done that before?” I teased. 

“Nope. Just practiced it in my mind about it around ten thousand times since I met you,” you said, pulling my body more tightly against yours. 

“It was perfect,” I said, as I closed my eyes and let myself drift off into a peaceful sleep.