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Chapter 2

The Game (Part 2)

In the midst of coming to terms with her defeat, Roxie’s friend Angel appeared backstage.

“Hey, boo,” she smiled at Roxie. “How are the vipes tonight?”

Roxie smiled at Angel’s pet name for VIPs, who she referred to as ‘vipers with money.’ 

“They’re good - generous. Currently enjoying the premiere services of the waitstaff,” Roxie answered, and Angel rewarded her with an absurdly alluring laugh. 

Angel was an obscenely gorgeous trans woman who always looked like she’d just stepped off the runways of Paris, even walking the halls of an aggrandized male strip club. Roxie had watched countless people feel their sexuality implode when faced with Angel. Her beauty was so otherworldly, it rendered people powerless.

Tonight was no different. Angel wore a sparkling white mini-dress, sleeveless with a scoop neck that showed off just the right amount of cleavage. It was covered in some kind of beading… they might’ve been sequins but looked far too luxe. Or maybe it was Angel. She was so luxe, she elevated everything that had the honor of draping over her body.

The mini-dress shimmered as Angel leaned toward a full-length mirror, reapplying her lip gloss. She caught Roxie’s eye and grinned.

“Any update on your sex-capades with that sweet hunk of a man?”

She winked, and it was Roxie’s turn to laugh.

“Ugh… I am struggling. The crown has been mine for a week and a half, but that dude is wearing down my resolve. I am this close to caving.”

Roxie held up her thumb and pointer finger, a mere centimeter apart.

Pocketing her lip gloss - somehow her magic dress also had pockets, she really was superhuman - Angel turned to Roxie with a little shake of her head.

“Darling, I do not blame you. That boy is fine as hell.” She turned on her heel and started to catwalk away. Stopping at the door, she placed an elegant hand on the doorframe and glanced back with a saucy grin. “Let me know if you want any help, keeping him in line.”

Angel winked again and was almost out of the room before Roxie had fully absorbed what she said.

“Oh my god, really? Because if you’re serious, I have an idea…”

“Ooh, girl, yes. Serious as a heart attack,” a mischievous gleam flashed across Angel’s piercing green eyes. 

She grabbed Roxie’s hand and led her to a plush little settee, where the two of them sat, whispering, conspiring, and hatching their plan.

Later that night, after the main floor shows ended, the crowd trickled out, and the fervor of a night at the club started to wind down, Chase was looking for her.

Roxie had made a point of being very social that night, wandering all over the club, flirting and flaunting herself as much as possible. She wanted to leave a trail of people in her wake who would plant the seeds of driving Chase crazy.

She imagined him asking around for her, and people responding along the lines of, “Haven’t seen her in a while, but damn. That girl is on fire tonight.”

After months of toying with him, Roxie knew it would start to ramp him up. It might even make him a little jealous. His searching would turn into prowling, his blood churning with the desire to find her, to take her, and to make her beg.

What Chase couldn’t possibly anticipate is what he would see when he finally found Roxie, tucked away in one of the smaller dressing rooms, stuffed with costumes and props, lit by the soft light of only one tall floor lamp in the corner… 

Just as she’d planned, that’s where Chase found Roxie. She was sitting in front of the makeup mirror, her dress and bra straps slipped down to expose her bare shoulders, her cleavage all but spilling out of strained fabric, while Angel stood behind her, massaging Roxie’s shoulders.

“Oohhhh, god, yes… right there… oh, that feels so good…” Roxie smiled up at Angel, leaning back against her torso. “You have magic hands… Oh! Hi, Chase.”

Roxie feigned surprise at the sight of him, standing in the doorway, confounded, his jaw dangling toward the floor.

With the slightest glance toward Chase, Angel sighed and tended to her charge. 

“This poor girl tweaked her shoulder, and she is just a wreck.”

She squeezed out some baby oil from a bottle on the counter, lathering Roxie’s skin with it, rubbing and caressing her with firm, sensual strokes. Roxie hammed it up, arching her back and moaning under Angel’s touch.

His gaze glued to them, Chase cleared his throat.

“Should I uh… I could come back…?”

Angel waved a dismissive hand at him.

“Don’t be silly, take a seat,” she gestured to the only other chair in the room, strategically placed a mere foot or two from where Angel was massaging Roxie.

As if under an actual spell, Chase moved to the chair without so much as glancing away from the massage in progress, and dutifully taking his seat.

Roxie could see him in the mirror, sitting ever so slightly out of arm’s reach, but close enough to be captivated by the up close and personal sight of her bare skin glistening under Angel’s expert hands. 

Determined to put on an irresistible show, Roxie leaned forward, moaning at Angel’s touch. The fabric of Roxie’s dress relented, giving up its fight to keep her breasts covered. The white lace of her push up bra held its ground, but barely. She could feel her nipples threatening to slip out of the pretty, delicate fabric.

“Oops,” she feigned, tugging at her dress as though she meant to pull it up again and cover herself.

“Oh for the love of god, leave it…” Chase murmured.

“What was that?” Roxie widened her eyes at Chase, all faux-innocence.

He smirked at her, trying to maintain the upper hand.

“I said leave it.”

Roxie shrugged, like it made no difference to her either way.

“Fine with me. I’m just happy to have these knots tended t--ohhh, god… yes, that’s it, oh fuck… that’s the spot, right there…”

Angel dug into Roxie’s shoulder blade, really working her legitimately sore muscles and making it easy for Roxie to play her part. She gripped the sides of her chair, letting Angel slather her skin with more baby oil, her hands wandering the front of Roxie’s shoulder and down to the top of her cleavage.

A sharp intake of breath came from where Chase was sitting. Angel rubbed at Roxie’s oiled-up skin, pulling back on her shoulder to give it a good stretch. The right cup of Roxie’s bra capitulated, and her nipple escaped its sheath. Both Angel and Roxie pretended not to notice. Next to them, Chase let out a low, plaintive moan.

The dressing room door opened, and one of the cleaning ladies poked her head in. She took one look at Roxie’s naked breast, oiled up skin, and the two people flanking her on either side, then waved a dismissive hand in their direction.

“I’ll start downstairs,” she said, and backed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Roxie giggled, with a coquettish nibble of her lip. Pulling Roxie back to lean against her, Angel caressed her friend’s shining skin.

“Did that feel good?” she purred.

“Mmm, oh my god, yes… Roxie smiled up at Angel. You’re an absolute lifesaver.”

She stood and turned to give Angel a hug, pressing their scantily clad bodies together and repeating her endless gratitude. Angel demurred, insisting it was no trouble at all. She leaned out of the hug, but kept her hands on Roxie’s arms. Looking down, Angel affected surprise at Roxie’s bared nipple.

“Well, hello! Looks like one of your girls wants to come out and play,” Angel teased.

“Are you kidding?” Roxie bit her lip and fluttered her lashes. “After a massage like that, any and every piece of me would do whatever you want.”

Both women laughed, flirting shamelessly and ignoring the low murmurs of “Oh, sweet Jesus…” coming from Chase.

“Oh, really?” Angel raised an eyebrow and tucked Roxie’s hair behind her ear. Roxie nodded and let out a small, demure “Mmhmm…”

“Does that mean both of your beautiful tits want to be on display for me?” Running her thumb over Roxie’s lips, Angel took her time, making the most of the moment. Chase shifted in his seat and cleared his throat, but both women continued to “forget” he was there.

“Oh, yes…” Roxie nodded again. “Very much so.”

“That’s very naughty,” Angel chastised Roxie. “If they want to be naked for me, I’ll have no choice but to fondle and pinch them… maybe even smack them around a little. Would you like that?”

With their hips still pressed together, Roxie squirmed and whimpered against Angel, as though the question was forcing her to make an agonizing decision, instead of giving her the excuse to bring one of her long-time fantasies to life.

“Umm… yes, I… I think I would…” Roxie admitted.

“Of course you would, you naughty thing,” Angel teased.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Chase leaning forward in his seat. For now, she’d let him enjoy his real-world porn show. Little did he realize, it was key to her master plan to put him in her thrall. By the end of it, she suspected there would not only be begging, but perhaps even some kneeling and simpering as well. Inwardly, she smirked at the thought, but on the outside she kept up her part of the game, submitting herself to Angel’s “torment.”

“Well then,” Angel prompted. “Show them to me, my tawdry little harlot.”

Doing as she was told, Roxie slid her bra the rest of the way down, until both of her ample tits were fully exposed. Her nipples perked up immediately, always on the hunt for Roxie’s favorite thing… This whole “charade” was admittedly a bit selfish, as Roxie had always had the hots for Angel, and there was nothing in the world of sex and sensuality that she loved more than nipple play. Not only was she going to retain her crown, making Chase beg and plead for release, but she was going to have an absurd amount of fun in the process.

“Like this?” Roxie asked, her eyes still wide with deference.

“Hmm…” Angel studied her subject, enjoying the question. “A little more. So your bra and the top of your wicked little dress are around your waist,” Angel instructed.

“Of course,” Roxie complied. “Whatever you say…”

While Roxie fussed with her clothes, following orders, Angel gently took hold of her chin and lifted Roxie’s gaze.

“If you’re going to be such a good, obedient little thing, I think you can call me Mistress, don’t you?”

“Y-yes…” Roxie affected a stammer. “Yes, of course, Mistress.”

“That’s a good girl,” Angel praised.

A very real charge of energy coursed through Roxie’s body, and she mentally applauded herself for working this game so expertly. With Angel’s help, she was getting to play both the submissive and dominant roles tonight.

Standing naked from the waist up, Roxie let Angel turn her to face Chase full-on, arching her back as her friend’s hands slid around her waist and up to her bare tits. As promised, Angel took hold of Roxie’s nipples, tweaking, pinching, and twisting… Roxie moaned, grinding her ass against Angel, who chuckled and tsk’d, playfully chastising Roxie.

 “You’re too easy, you naughty little thing.”

Roxie stole a glance at Chase, pouting her lips.

“Ooohhh, I know… I can’t help it…” she lamented.

Chase shifted in his chair, and Roxie could see the bulge of his dick, straining against the fabric of his jeans. It was almost time for phase two of the plan…  

Weaving one hand underneath Roxie’s biceps, Angel took hold of her friend’s elbow, and restrained her arms behind her back. With her free hand, Angel set to really doing a number on Roxie’s tits - smacking, jiggling, squeezing - making her squirm and whimper with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you my naughty little thing?” Angel teased.

“Ooohhh, yes… ohh… yes…” 

“Yes what?”

“Yes… Mistress… oh, god, yes… I love it…”  

“And what do we say when we get treats?” Angel kept smacking Roxie’s tits, one by one.

“Th-thank you… oh, fuck… thank you, Mistress…” 

Roxie could see their reflection in the mirror, and she noticed the straps of Angel’s dress slipping off her shoulders. She caught Angel’s eye in the mirror, and they exchanged small, secret grins.

Spinning Roxie to face her, Angel slipped the straps of her dress and bra all the way down, until her perky breasts were also exposed.

“It isn’t fair for your big, naughty tits to have all the fun,” she admonished Roxie. “Put your mouth on me, dirty girl. Keep your arms behind your back.”

Obeying her orders, Roxie leaned forward, licking, sucking, and nibbling on Angel’s breasts. With her arms clasped behind her back, Roxie’s substantial tits hung like heavy pendulums, jostling between Angel’s torso and her own.

Sliding her hand into Roxie’s hair, Angel gripped and pulled, guiding Roxie to stand up straight and face their mark.

Chase still sat in his chair, but his entire body was tense. He gripped the sides of his seat, a palpable fervor radiating from him. 

Confident that they’d worked him up into a sufficient frenzy, Roxie raised a cheeky eyebrow in Chase’s direction.

“Do you want Angel to give you a handjob?” She asked.

Chase looked startled by the question, as though he hadn’t expected to be directly addressed.

“I, um. Yes? Is this a trick question?”

Instead of answering his query, Roxie added to the temptation.

“Do you want Angel to give you a handjob, while I strip naked and fuck myself with this dildo?”

She took the toy that Angel handed to her, and rubbed it gently over her breasts. A small whimper escaped Chase’s lips.

“Yes. I would like that all very much.”

Roxie slipped the dildo between her tits, biting her lip, which cocked to one side in a mischievous grin.

“Beg for it,” she commanded.

Chase let out a sigh, his eyelids closing under the weight of it - the realization that he’d been completely and utterly had.

 Bolting out of the chair, he paced back and forth, circled his seat, then sat down again. Roxie smirked, but only a little. Victory was clearly hers, but she didn’t want to rub it in. Not just yet, anyway. 

Chewing his lip, Chase shook his head and sighed again, his eyes never leaving Roxie and Angel. He bounced his leg, a nervous twitch that Roxie always found endearing. But she couldn’t think about that now - she had to stay firm and hold her ground.

“...Please.” The word slipped out of Chase’s mouth so softly, Roxie wasn’t sure she’d heard it. She cupped one of her ears, teasing him.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

Chase cleared his throat and spoke louder.

“Please,” he said again, locking eyes with Roxie.

“Good boy,” she smirked.

Taking her cue, Angel strutted over to Chase and stood behind him, sliding her hands down his chest. Leaning back, Chase started to turn his head, to nuzzle his face against Angel’s breasts, but she turned his gaze back toward Roxie.

“Face forward, loverboy,” she purred, and Chase did as he was told.

Angel slid her hands back down Chase’s torso, and over the bulge in his pants. He drew a sharp intake of breath, adjusting in his seat.

In front of them, Roxie placed the dildo on the other chair. She turned her shapely bottom to face Angel and Chase, then bent at the waist to slide her dress all the way off. Unhooking her bra, she tossed it onto the back of the chair… Angel was unzipping Chase’s jeans, releasing his hard, substantial cock.

As soon as Angel set to work on Chase’s dick, Roxie slipped out of her panties and tossed them at Chase. She straddled the chair, where the dildo sat upright, waiting for her.

Slowly, she lowered herself over the toy… then stopped, looking over at Chase.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she taunted.

“Oh, god… yes, fuck…”

“I didn’t hear the magic wo-ord,” her voice a coy sing-song, Roxie admonished Chase.

“Please, dear god, please…”

Angel was expertly handling Chase’s cock, and Roxie knew it wouldn’t take much longer. Matching Angel’s rhythm, she slipped the dildo into her slick pussy, riding it up and down… up… and down… 

“God, that feels good…” she moaned, “I bet you want to come, don’t you, naughty boy?”

“Goddamnit… oh fuck… yes, I want to come…”

“Mmm… you’re going to have to… (Roxie bounced on the dildo) ...ask… (bounce) ...better… (bounce) ...than… (bounce) ...that…”

“Please… may I come… you win, okay… fuck, please…”

Stroking her clit, Roxie bounced her way to her own orgasm.

“Mmm, say it again…” she instructed and Chase obliged.


“Not that part,” Roxie grinned. “The part about me winning.”

Chase couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Jesus, yes, you win… oh god… you win, you win… ohh… god…” 

With masterful strokes, Angel brought Chase to climax, his semen spewing all over the dressing room floor. 

All business, Angel adjusted her dress and washed her hands in the small sink at the back of the room. Roxie slipped back into her skimpy outfit, savoring the sight of Chase sprawled on his chair, spent and panting.

Linking her arm through Angel’s, Roxie smiled up at her friend.

“Nightcap?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” Angel grinned. “My treat.”

“Like hell it is,” Roxie countered. “You earned a drink and then some.”

Angel shrugged, giving in.


As they sauntered out the door, Roxie turned and called over her shoulder.

“Don’t forget to clean up that mess you made all over the floor, naughty boy.”

A discombobulated Chase arched his back and looked over his shoulder at the two triumphant women. Roxie raised an eyebrow at him.

“Is that a problem?” she challenged.

Shaking off his stupor, Chase licked his lips and shook his head.

“Nope, no problem.”

  “No problem…?” Angel prompted.

Chase smirked and shook his head, playing along.

“No problem, Mistress.” 

Angel laughed, and the two friends traipsed out into the night - magical Angel and Roxie the reigning champion.