Alex Emery
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Published about 1 year ago
Chapter 1


“You ready?” Jordan asked, admiring her wife’s beautifully thick body laid out prone on their bed. They had been together for two years and the sight of Lexi’s naked body never failed to make her heart race.

Lexi just smiled and followed Jordan’s movements as Jordan pulled the boyshorts up over her hips, tucked a small bullet vibrator into the inner front pocket, and secured the translucent purple dildo into the harness. 

She felt a surge of pride when she looked down at the seven inches jutting out from her groin. There was something that always made her feel so sexy, so dirty when she strapped up.

“Please,” Lexi whimpered. 

Jordan slipped her hand into the boyshorts, turning the vibrator on low. She let out a low moan — she enjoyed the initial vibrations but was trying to maintain an air of control at the same time. Collecting herself, she crawled up Lexi’s body and pressed a soft kiss on Lexi’s lips. She then dropped her hips, just enough to let the head of the toy tease Lexi’s entrance. 

“You sure you’re ready?” Jordan asked. 

“Baby, please,” Lexi replied squirming. “Don’t tease.” 

Jordan sat back on her knees, grabbing the base of the toy and slapping the head against Lexi’s clit before dragging it down her lips. 

“But you know how much I love to tease, Lex,” Jordan said. 

Lexi opened her mouth to complain but before she could say anything, Jordan quickly repositioned, slipping the length of the toy inside her. 

“Yesss,” Lexi hissed. She’d been fully prepared for Jordan to make her beg, but this was better. She’d been feeling so needy lately, she just wanted to get fucked so badly. 

Jordan pushed all the way in and paused, holding herself still to let Lexi adjust to the size of the toy, even though the buzzing on her clit made her want to grind against her wife immediately. Her patience was rewarded when she felt Lexi open up to her.

“Good?” Jordan asked. When Lexi nodded, Jordan braced her arms on either side of Lexi’s body and started working the silicone cock in and out slowly. 

Lexi slipped a hand down to play with her own clit as Jordan fucked her gently. 

“More,” Lexi asked. “Harder.” 

Jordan pinched one of Lexi’s hard nipples. “Yeah, you need more baby?” she teased. “Are you such a horny girl that you already need it harder?”

Lexi’s soaked pussy flooded with another wave of wetness in response to Jordan's filthy words. It wasn’t often that Jordan talked like that, but Lexi loved it when she did. 

“God, yes,” Lexi said, fingers moving faster over her clit. 

“Jesus, Lex. Are you so horny for this cock that you’re rubbing your own clit so you can cum all over it?” Jordan panted, hips still thrusting steadily. “Such a dirty girl.” She hoped she was saying the right things. She knew how much this type of talk turned Lexi on, but it made Jordan a little self-conscious. She was never quite sure about what to say exactly. 

“Fuck yes, baby… such a slut for your big cock,” Lexi whined as Jordan upped the pace in her.

“Such a naughty slut, baby…” The constant thrum of the vibe on Jordan's clit made her start to get sloppy with her strokes. “God, I’m getting close… fucking you feels so good,” she said as Lexi squeezed her breasts, twisting the aching nipples. “God, you know I love when you play with my nipples, Lex.”

“Cum for me,” Lexi panted, her body arching up. “You’re fucking my tight little pussy so good.” She rose her hips off the bed to get more of the thick toy inside her and rubbed her clit frantically as Jordan buried the toy inside her and grinded into her depths. 

“Gonna cum baby,” Jordan grunted, hips bucking wildly. 

“God, me too,” Lexi replied, grabbing Jordan’s ass and pulling her body down harder into each thrust. “Cum with me.” 

Jordan tensed and froze as waves of ecstasy overtook her. She collapsed onto Lexi, unable to hold her own weight up anymore. 

Lexi kept working her hips upward until a few seconds later, her own orgasm started to wash over her. She wrapped her arms around Jordan’s body and held her as close as she could, needing to feel completely connected as they came together.

As the final waves washed over them both, they relaxed into each other. Jordan rolled onto her side, removing the toy from the harness and turning off the vibe before pulling Lexi back into her. She wrapped her arm around Lexi’s waist and pressed her lips to Lexi’s ear. 

“God, that was amazing,” Jordan breathed lightly, hand playing with Lexi’s soft stomach. 

“It really was,” Lexi replied. “Why don’t we cum together more often?” she asked with a smile. 

“Let’s add that to the list of things to remember to do more,” Jordan said. She dropped a kiss onto Lexi’s shoulder, burying her face there for a moment as she thought about whether she wanted to ask the question that had been floating around in her head for months now. She decided that there wasn’t going to be a better time to bring it up. “Hey, so, speaking of things we want to try…” she started. 

“Yeah?” Lexi replied, twisting so she could look her wife in the eye. Jordan buried her face in Lexi’s shoulder again. 

“Actually this might be easier if you don’t look at me, okay?” Jordan said shyly. Lexi kissed her softly but then turned back around. 

“Yes ma’am, whatever you say,” she replied with a laugh. 

“Okay, so...” she watched her hand stroking circles into Lexi’s hip as she pushed the nerves from her voice, “you know how you really like it when you’re treated a little rough, called a slut and all that sort of stuff?” Jordan asked.

“Sure,” Lexi answered, a curious tone in her voice. They’d always been open to talking about trying new things in the bedroom. She was unsure what was making Jordan so shy to ask this time. 

“Well, you know I sometimes try to do that, but I’m always a little self-conscious about it,” Jordan said, her hand skating up and down Lexi’s body. “But I know how much it makes you crazy so I do my best.” 

“You do a great job, baby. You turn me on so much,” Lexi interrupted. 

“That’s nice of you to say, but we both know I’m a little awkward at it. And so, I was thinking about how we’ve always talked about whether we wanted to have a male ‘friend’ since we both occasionally miss having a real dick around to play with, right?”

Lexi nodded, a smile creeping across her lips as she started to piece together the puzzle Jordan was laying out. 

“So I’ve been thinking…” Jordan took a deep breath and went for it. “What if we found someone else who could fulfill these needs for you?” 

Lexi paused, trying to process for a moment, then flipped over to face Jordan. 

“I know you don’t want me to look at you, but I think I should for this kind of conversation, okay?” Jordan nodded. “Okay, so tell me more about what you’re thinking. Are you thinking we find someone into BDSM stuff? Is that something you would be into? I don’t think I would want to play with someone without you being involved.” Lexi’s forehead wrinkled as her brain tried to process the possibilities.

“Not necessarily a Dom or anything like that,” Jordan replied nervously, her gaze locked on Lexi’s face to try to get a read on her reaction. She wanted to be as clear as possible about what she’d been considering, so she chose her words carefully. “I think that’s maybe more intense than what we’re really looking for.” 

That reply made Lexi relax a little. She had always been turned on by a little roughness and dirty talk, but the idea of diving into the whole BDSM lifestyle was totally overwhelming.

“So how would we find this person?” Lexi asked, reaching for Jordan’s hand and tangling their fingers together. 

“Well, I actually know someone,” Jordan said. Lexi raised an eyebrow and waiting for her to continue. “You remember that guy David that I used to work with?"

“The one you hooked up with a few times before you and I met? Yeah, I remember you saying he was really sexy.” Lexi bit her lip as she drifted back to the very hot stories Jordan had shared about her time with David. She let herself get distracted by images of Jordan fucking someone else, especially someone as hot as David sounded. Seeing her lips on someone’s cock, her hands on someone else’s body, making them feel so good… The thought was a big turn-on for Lexi.

“He really was,” Jordan said. “And as you’ll remember, he was also into dirty talk. He would call me his little slut, or point out how horny I was for his cock. And even though that’s not totally my thing, it was still pretty hot. And I have just been thinking about how sexy it would be for you to experience that with him. If you were interested, obviously.”

Lexi cupped Jordan’s blushing face in her hand and leaned in for a kiss. “That is so sweet and so dirty, baby,” she said with a smile. “Tell me more about what you’re imagining.”

Jordan hadn’t realized how much her body had tensed up during her proposal until she felt her muscles relax again, comforted by Lexi’s reaction.

“Well, I agree with you that if we are going to bring someone else into the mix, I want us to do it together. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to fuck David again, just that I want to be there when you’re with him. God, I really want to watch it, Lex,” Jordan added with a sigh.

“Tell me what you want to watch, baby,” Lexi said. 

Jordan let out a groan as Lexi’s fingers found a still-hard nipple and pinched lightly.

“Everything,” Jordan replied. “I want to see you riding him. I want to watch you go down on him. You’re so good with your mouth, I know it’s going to feel so good for him on his cock. And it’s a big one, love, but I know you can take good care of him, just like you take that big brown dildo when you’re really turned on. And God,” she sighed like the wind was knocked right out of her, “I want to see him spank you.” 

“Baby…” Lexi whimpered.

Lexi’s thighs clenched together tightly. She had confessed to her wife how much the idea of being spanked turned her on. Not just a little slap to the ass while she was getting fucked from behind, but actually pulled over someone’s knee and spanked while she squirmed in their lap. But Jordan was never quite comfortable with going that far for her.

Jordan gently pushed Lexi onto her back and snuck a hand between her legs, spreading her open. 

“You’re so wet again, Lex,” Jordan said as she slipped her fingers inside her. “Does this mean you like my idea?” she asked, sliding her fingers back and forth through Lexi’s silky wetness. Lexi nodded and Jordan brought her fingers to Lexi’s lips. 

“Good girl,” Jordan whispered as Lexi licked her fingers clean. Then her hand quickly found Lexi’s pussy again while Lexi spread her legs wide for easier access. Jordan found her sensitive clit and gently stroked it while Lexi grabbed her own breasts, squeezing and twisting the nipples. 

Within a few agonizing minutes, Lexi was cumming again, her hips rolling gently as Jordan played with her clit. 

“You feel so good,” Lexi said, arching up to kiss Jordan. “And you’re so good to me.” 

Jordan stroked Lexi’s soft blonde hair as her eyes wandered down her wife's body. Jordan thought Lexi’s body was perfect. She wasn’t a size two, or even a size twelve, and that’s what Jordan loved about her – the workouts with her personal trainer were paying off, but she will still curvy and soft. “You’re so sexy,” she said, drinking it all in. “I can’t wait to watch you get fucked, baby. If that’s what you want, I mean.” 

“I think I do,” Lexi answered, inching in even closer. “I think it would be so sexy to explore with you. Are you sure David is going to want to do it?”

Jordan laughed. “I think he’d be crazy to say no. But I’ll float the idea by him and see what he thinks. Why don’t I see if he can meet me for a drink tomorrow? Are you free after work?” 

“Since I haven’t met him yet, why don’t you just go alone so there’s no pressure,” Lexi replied. “Then if he’s up for it, we can connect later.” 

“Sounds good,” Jordan said, snuggling up against Lexi. 

“What are you doing?” Lexi asked. 

“What do you mean?” 

“Why are you still in bed? Go text him and ask about drinks!” 

Lexi laughed as she pushed Jordan out of the bed. 

On Monday night, Lexi was alone in the apartment. Ever since she got home from work, she had been pacing the kitchen and living room, antsy to find out how Jordan’s drinks date with David was going to go.

Finally at around 8:30pm, her phone vibrated several times in a row. She reached for it and opened the text from Jordan first. 

He’s in! I’m gonna start a group text. 

Lexi’s heart raced as she imagined all the sexy, dirty fun they were going to have. She tapped the next message she had received. 

FROM: JORDAN <3 & 555-843-2384
Hey baby, “meet” David. He’s super into our idea! 

FROM: 555-843-2384 & JORDAN <3
Hi Lexi! Can’t wait to meet you! Jordan has been telling me a lot about what you like but I want to learn more from you. I’ve seen your pics on Facebook, you’re so sexy! 

Lexi typed out a quick reply.

TO: JORDAN <3 & 555-843-2384
Thank you! I absolutely cannot wait. When can we all get together? I’ve heard such good things about you and your cock from J! 

The reply came just a few seconds later. 

FROM: 555-843-2384 & JORDAN <3
Damn, Jordan. You weren’t kidding. She is a cock-hungry little slut. Already begging to see it. 

Lexi felt a flood of wetness between her thighs and grinned. 

This was going to be a lot of fun.