Alex Emery
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Chapter 2

Needy (Part 2)

The vodka burned as Lexi gulped it down. She was a little nervous for tonight and a little alcohol always helped settle her nerves. As she flipped the shot glass and put it back on the counter, she felt hands slip around her waist from behind.

“How are you feeling, my love?” Jordan asked nuzzling into her neck. 

“Mmm… excited,” Lexi said. “Nervous, but in a good way.” 

Jordan placed a trail of wet kisses down her neck. “You’re so sexy, baby,” she said. "I’m so ready for tonight.” 

Jordan’s hands slipped under Lexi’s shirt and gently squeezed her full breasts. Lexi bit her lip; her nipples hardened under Jordan’s touch. 

“You feel so good,” Lexi moaned as Jordan pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers. She pressed her ass back into Jordan’s taller frame. 

“I’m already so wet just thinking about watching you,” Jordan breathed grinding back into her. 

They both jumped as the loud chime of the doorbell rang out. Lexi laughed and turned to face Jordan. 

“So we’re both a little on edge, I see,” she said. 

“Are you ready, baby?” Jordan asked, tracing her hand along her wife’s jawline. Lexi nodded and Jordan headed to the front door. 

Lexi was delighted when the door opened and a tall, handsome Latino man with broad shoulders walked in. He clearly worked out — his biceps were wide and perfectly toned. He wrapped Jordan in a hug and kissed her on the cheek before they both turned to Lexi. 

“Lex, this is David. David, this is my wife, Lexi.” 

Lexi stepped forward and hugged David as well, noting how good he smelled, like fresh laundry and something deeper, muskier. 

“Delighted to meet you,” he said, lips pressed to Lexi’s ear. Goosebumps immediately spread down her arms. “You’re even sexier than the pictures.”

Lexi let her hands skate down his biceps and then grabbed his hand and guided him to the couch as Jordan stepped into to the kitchen and poured a round of drinks. 

Lexi felt her heart in her throat as she sat in the middle of the couch and David settled in next to her. They shared an awkward smile as they waited for Jordan to join them. Even awkward looked hot on David, Lexi thought as her nipples tightened under her shirt. Jordan re-entered the room deftly carrying all three drinks. She handed off the glasses and took a sip of her own before sitting next to Lexi on the couch. Jordan let her hand rest on Lexi’s thigh and gave her a reassuring look. 

David took a large gulp of his drink before sitting the glass down on the side table. He sat back on the couch, taking up space in a way that would normally irritate the shit out of Lexi, but for some reason, it didn’t feel like manspreading when David did it. It felt like an invitation. His leg pressed into Lexi’s and she felt every inch of the contact.

“So, you remember the rules we discussed?” David asked, moving his hand to Lexi’s other thigh. 

“Yes,” Lexi replied. “Red if I need to stop, yellow if we need to slow down, green if all is good.” Her heart raced. She’d never been with two people at the same time before and the feeling of having two sets of hands on her body was overwhelming. She took a breath, reeling in the sensation and imagining what was about to happen. 

Lexi had always been attracted to both men and women, and when she’d met Jordan they had clicked immediately. They had a deep emotional connection that she had never experienced with anyone else. That’s why Lexi was so excited about this arrangement. She was going to be able to experiment with giving up control, but also know that she was totally safe and cared for because Jordan was right there with her. 

“What else?” David asked, his hand moving up Lexi’s thigh. 

“I address you as sir, or papi,” Lexi replied, reciting the rules he had explained via group text earlier in the week. Apparently, since the last time he and Jordan had hooked up, David had been playing around more seriously with submission and control. Lexi was always one to follow rules, so she kind of liked that there was a structure to their playtime. 

“Good girl. Have you been horny for us this week?” he asked, his hand sliding up even higher to cup her mound. Lexi’s breath hitched and she turned to Jordan, who looked back hungrily. She leaned over for a sloppy kiss, which Jordan happily returned. 

“God yes,” Lexi replied between kisses. 

“Yes, what?” David replied briskly. Lexi had to think for a moment before she realized her misstep. 

“Yes, sir,” she corrected. 

Jordan slipped a hand under Lexi’s shirt, feeling soft skin and pinching a hard nipple. Lexi let out a gasp. 

“That’s better,” David said. “Don’t let it happen again or I’ll have to spank your naughty ass. Do you understand?” Lexi nodded and David relaxed back onto the couch again. “What is it that’s been making you so horny all week?” 

“Thinking about you. About this. About being here with both of you, and being… being treated like your slut,” Lexi almost whispered the last part. Jordan rested a comforting hand on Lexi’s thigh. 

“She’s been so horny, David,” she said. “We’ve had sex every night this week and she still needs it.” 

“Such a horny little slut, aren’t you?” David said. 

“Yes, sir,” Lexi breathed, her whole body feeling warmer by the minute.

“Are you a slut for my cock?” he asked. 

“Fuck yes, sir.”

“Then I think you should take it out,” he said. “Don’t you, J?” They both looked at Jordan, who nodded quickly. Lexi moved to her knees in front of David, while Jordan scooted closer to get a better view. Lexi reached for David’s belt, already able to see the bulge in his slacks. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and reach in to feel his cock. 

It was thicker than she had expected. Jordan had said he had a nice cock, but she hadn’t mentioned how fucking thick it would be. Lexi struggled to wrap her hand around it, but managed to pull his pants and boxers out of the way so that it pressed up against his stomach. 

“Fuck, it’s even better than I remember,” Jordan said. “Are you sure you can handle him, Lex?” she asked. 

Lexi knew how much her wife loved teasing her. She always seemed to know exactly which words would make her even wetter. 

In response to Jordan’s taunt, Lexi bent down and took David’s hard cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the swollen head. She got it nice and wet, then worked the shaft with one hand while licking and sucking the head. 

“Fuck, what a greedy little slut you are,” David moaned. Jordan leaned over and gathered Lexi’s blonde hair, holding it back so she could watch her wife work. 

“Jesus, Lex. You look so good sucking him off,” she said. “Isn’t her mouth amazing?” Jordan asked, tearing her eyes away from Lexi’s mouth to look at David’s face. 

“She’s incredible,” he grunted, his face contorted in pleasure. “But if she keeps that up, I’m going to cum too soon, shit. Come here, little slut.” 

Reluctantly, Lexi let go of David’s cock and stood. 

“Take your clothes off,” he demanded. Obediently, Lexi pulled her tank top over her head to reveal her braless tits with swollen pink nipples. Then she pulled her black workout pants and panties down and kicked them aside. 

“Turn around. Spread your legs,” David said. Lexi complied. “Bend over. Grab the coffee table.”

Lexi felt lewdly on display as she bent over. Her nipples ached to be touched. She felt Jordan's familiar hand find her pussy. She dragged two fingers through Lexi's wetness before settling at her clit. 

“Fuck, you’re wet, babe,” Jordan said, rubbing slow circles over Lexi’s swollen clit. 

“What a slut,” David remarked, his hand working his hard cock. “Bending over the fucking table, pussy so fucking wet. I can smell you, you’re so turned on.” 

Lexi whimpered when she heard someone behind her stand. She turned to look back and see what was happening, but quickly felt a sharp slap against her ass. 

“Did I tell you to turn around?” David asked.

“No,” Lexi replied, snapping her head back to the front. 

She heard him toss his shirt to the floor somewhere behind her. “No, what?” he said, his voice stern. 

“No, papi. You didn’t tell me turn around.” Lexi hadn’t made the mistake on purpose, but she had to admit the thought of being punished made her pussy drip. 

“Better. But you know that I have to spank you for your mistake, right slut?” David asked, rubbing the head of his cock against Lexi’s ass. 

“Yes, papi,” she answered, tensing up a little in anticipation. 

“Jordan, don’t stop,” David said, and Jordan smiled up at him as she continued her lazy circles on her wife’s clit. She watched as David moved into position, his left hand on Lexi’s lower back as he raised his right hand in the air before bringing it down firmly on her ass. 

“Fuck,” Lexi whimpered. Jordan dipped her fingers into Lexi’s entrance and gathered some of the wetness, then dragged them back up to her swollen clit. She couldn’t remember ever feeling Lexi wetter than she was right now. 

David spanked her again and again, and Jordan watched as red handprints covered her ass. 

“How are you, slut? What color?” David asked.

“Ye… yellow, sir,” she replied. She didn’t want to stop, but she was right on the edge of the amount of pain she could take. 

“Good girl. Always tell me what you need,” he said, running him palm softly over Lexi’s cheeks. “J, is she ready for my cock?” 

“She’s so wet, David… It’s gonna slide right in even though you’re so big,” Jordan replied, bringing her fingers to her lips to taste. Lexi whimpered at the lack of contact. 

“God, what a horny little whore you are,” David teased. “Whimpering and begging when she stops touching you for two seconds. What about you, Lexi? Do you think you’re ready for my cock?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied quickly, remembering at the last moment not to look back without permission.

“Come here, then,” he replied, and Lexi stood and turned to see that David was standing behind her completely naked, while Jordan was still sitting on the couch in the sundress that Lexi knew had nothing underneath. She locked eyes with Jordan for a moment and grinned, to make sure she knew things were good. 

“On your knees, facing the back of the couch,” David directed, and Lexi quickly moved into the position as instructed. She spread her legs apart and bent forward, sticking her ass out. 

As her eyes washed over Lexi’s thick body, Jordan tweaked one swollen nipple through her dress then, as if she suddenly realized she was the only one with clothes on, quickly removed her clothes and settled back on the couch next to Lexi. Lexi heard a ripping sound and saw Jordan looking over her at David, who was presumably taking a condom out of its wrapper. Lexi imagined the flex of his forearms as he rolled it over the wide head and down the shaft. 

“Baby, he’s gonna feel so good,” Jordan said, leaning in so she could kiss her desperate wife. “There’s some lube in the drawer of the side table, D,” she added between heated kisses.

“Kiss me while he’s fucking me,” Lexi panted as she heard the drawer open. Seconds later she felt the broad head of David’s cock pressed against her entrance. Jordan and Lexi made out sloppily as he slowly pushed forward, the lube helping him bury his cock inch by inch in Lexi’s wetness. 

“God, he’s so big, baby,” Lexi moaned as David’s cock stretched her. 

“You’re doing so good,” Jordan replied, reaching for Lexi’s clit with her fingers as she bent to lightly bite a pink nipple. 

Lexi felt David fill her completely for a few seconds before pulling out slowly. Then, he pushed his whole length back in. Lexi struggled to keep her grip on the back of the couch as he fucked her with long, hard strokes. 

When Lexi opened her eyes again, she caught Jordan leaned back, taking in the scene with a look on her face that Lexi couldn't quite place. 

“What?” Lexi asked.

“This is completely indecent,” Jordan replied with a coy smile. "My sweet wife bent over on the couch while this tall, sexy man pounds her from behind?” Jordan slipped a hand between her legs and played with her clit as she continued to watch. 

“Goddamn, look at that," David panted through his relentless strokes. “Your wife is a naughty girl, too, Lexi.”

“Jesus, baby,” she said watching the movements of Jordan’s hand. “You’re so sexy playing with your pussy like that. Can I taste?” she asked. 

Jordan complied and brought her fingers to Lexi’s mouth, who sucked them clean. Jordan pinched Lexi’s nipples again as she returned her other hand to her wetness. 

“Fuck, you two are so hot,” David grunted. “I’m getting close.” 

“God yes,” Lexi said. “Blow your big load for us, please. I’m so close too, I wanna cum all over your cock.” Still bracing herself with one hand on the back of the couch, Lexi moved the other to her aching clit. She rubbed it rapidly, feeling every movement of David’s cock into her pussy.

She was so on edge that it didn’t take long for her orgasm to overtake her. She lost control, pushing back harder and harder onto David’s cock as her fingers played on her clit. His thrusting slowed as she clamped down hard around him, choking his cock. 

“You’re so fucking tight, fuck,” he said, slowly pulling his thick member out of her cunt and pulling the condom off. “Come here.” 

Lexi turned around and sat on the couch and reached immediately for Jordan, kissing her while grabbing David’s ass and guiding him closer to her chest. It only took a few seconds of frantically pumping his cock above Lexi’s big tits for David to spill his load out all over them. 

“You look so dirty with his cum on your tits, baby,” Jordan moaned.

“It feels so naughty,” Lexi said as she pinched one of Jordan’s nipples and held it tightly, whimpering into her ear. “I need you to cum for me, J. Please baby, cum for me.” 

Jordan humped her own hand until David pushed it out of the way and replaced it with his own. He paused for a moment, making eye contact with Jordan. She nodded fiercely and he slipped two fingers into her sloppy wet pussy. Lexi pinched Jordan’s other nipple as she rocked wildly on David’s fingers. 

Then the dam broke, and even more wetness dripped over David’s hand as she continued to ride his fingers through her orgasm. Lexi played with Jordan’s hair lovingly as her wife rode out her pleasure. 

“That’s perfect, baby, you’re doing so good. You look so sexy with his fingers in you,” she whispered into Jordan’s ear. 

After a few seconds, her body stilled, and David carefully removed his hand. He grabbed a towel that Lexi had conveniently thought to place on the side table earlier and helped her wipe her chest off.

Lexi tugged at his arm until he sat between them on the couch. She started to reach for Jordan’s hand across his lap before something else caught her eye.

“Fuck,” she moaned hungrily as she grabbed David’s hand and pulled it to her mouth. She licked each finger clean, slowly working her tongue up and down. “You taste so good on his fingers,” Lexi mumbled as she glanced at her wife, who was watching her intently.

“Wow, you guys,” David said as he relaxed back into the couch. “That was so much better than I had imagined.” 

Jordan and Lexi murmured their agreement as Jordan sorted through the various clothes that had been discarded in the area. “I think that was exactly what our girl needed,” Jordan said with a grin as she handed David’s clothes over to him. 

“I think I remember you getting what you needed, too,” Lexi teased. 

They got dressed again lazily, stopping every few seconds to take a sip of a drink or drop a kiss to an exposed area of skin. 

Once his clothes were all in place once again and his glass was empty, David leaned down to give each woman a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you guys for trusting me with this. I certainly hope I get invited back again sometime. Hope y’all have a good night.” 

He grabbed his phone and keys and headed out the door. Jordan sat back down on the couch, pulled Lexi along with her so that the shorter woman was nestled against her tightly. 

“Was it as good as you were hoping for, love?” Jordan asked. 

“It was better,” Lexi answered with a grin.