Secret Santa

Kristine Lynn
6 mins read
Published about 1 year ago
Chapter 3

Secret Santa (Part 3)

Had David planned his exit intentionally, then? Damn. She kept making the mistake of underestimating him. 

She walked slowly, purposefully, towards the long stab of light that fractured the dark hallway. Her nipples hardened into small gems, piercing through the thin fabric that had required her to go without a bra. A chill raced down her spine despite the near-eighty-degree heat that wrapped around her.

The door was only barely cracked, leaving only a glimpse of his office for Nora. A bookshelf lined with a bizarre and eclectic blend of cult-fiction titles and accounting manuals sat against the back wall. She smiled when she saw her favorite book as a kid amongst the list. 

She’d lusted after David’s body, his face that threatened to make her pulse race right off the charts, but she’d had no idea the man would be just as fascinating. 

Well, it was now or never. She took a deep breath and knocked. The rap of her knuckles on the wood sounded loud in the otherwise sterile, silent hallway. 

“Come on in.” 

Jesus H. Christ, his voice was smooth, deep. It was enough to send a fireball of heat down her back, warming her from the inside

She pushed the door open just enough to slip inside the room. The snippet of the office she’d seen from the hallway was just the tip of the iceberg. Cult classic movie posters adorned the walls, and if she wasn’t mistaken, he was playing Monster Ballads in the background. David’s office was the only sign of life in this whole damn building. 

“Sorry about the music,” he said, striding over to her, “I just couldn’t take another minute of the holiday crap Martin insists on.” 

She laughed, shrugged her shoulders. “I’m on your side, there.”

He smiled, but then he was across from her, less than an arm’s length away and her breath hitched in her chest. He reached behind her and shut the door, leaving the party behind them. 

“I’m also sorry about leaving you out there. I felt bad about touching you there, in front of everyone, especially when my note said to meet me here. I just couldn’t keep my hands off you, Nora. I knew the dress would look spectacular on you, but I had no idea you’d be so breathtaking.”

Would her breathing ever return to normal? This man had the insane ability to wrench it from her lungs just by talking to her. When his hand rested on her shoulder, though, his words fell short of what his touch did to her skin, her thoughts, her breath that halted altogether. 

He slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder, then did the same to the other side. 

The top fell to her hips, where it caught on her curves. “I like the dress better like this,” he teased, the storm gone from his eyes, a twinkle in its place. “You should consider making this look a permanent part of your wardrobe.”

Nora laughed despite the fact that she was naked from the waist up. “I think Martin might find it out of the dress code he sent around last summer.”

David laughed, and then inhaled deep, his hands on Nora’s hips.

“Christ, you’re perfect, Nora. Just perfect.” 

Before she could respond, argue with her pre-catalogued laundry list of flaws, he bent down and took her breast in his mouth. She moaned with delight, giggled as he flicked her nipple with his tongue, tickling her. But her laughter stopped abruptly when he sucked more of her flesh into his mouth, his palm cupping the other breast, massaging it.

“Oh, God, David.”

His free hand maneuvered the dress over her hips until it lay bunched around her feet. Only a thin strip of fabric separated her from his wandering hands. His lips moved to the underside of her breast, the air cool on her moist skin, and traveled south to her stomach. His tongue trailed around her belly button and she squealed under the exquisite torture of being tickled and licked into oblivion. 

“Shhhhh,” he commanded. She nodded, sober again as his lips made their way to her panty line. 

He looked up at her, a question in his gaze. She nodded. Yes, she wanted him, all of him. 

He hooked his thumbs under the lace and tugged them down around her ankles. Running his hand up her leg and back down again, he slipped the underwear from around her foot. Her skin felt simultaneously like ice and fire where his hands grazed it. 

But the flames consumed the rest when his mouth moved from over her abdomen to the small patch of hair that was recently laid bare for him. He kissed her gently, then opened his mouth over her, sucking her clit inside his mouth where he flicked it with his tongue not unlike he had done to her nipples a moment earlier. This had the same effect, but amplified to the hundredth degree. Her stomach flipped as a finger joined his tongue, his other hand firmly cupping her ass. 

He slipped another finger inside her, then a third, until he filled her. With his tongue still flicking and teasing her clit, his fingers fucking her slow but hard, Nora was dangerously close to coming. And she wasn’t near ready to give this up just yet. It felt too good, too perfect. She urged her body off the edge of the precipice it lingered near.

“David,” she breathed out, getting used to her new inability to breathe when this man was near her. Or inside her. 

He growled against her sex, the vibrations setting off a quake within her that brought her close to coming again. She cried out, thankful for the closed office door that masked their tryst.

As David pulled away from her and stood, the cry turned into a moan of disappointment. She wanted his mouth back on her, she wanted to taste herself on his lips. 

He turned her around so that her ass faced him and placed her hands on his desk. He slid his hands down her back, over the curves of her hips, around her thighs until he got to her ankles. He spread her legs and stood again, his hands settling where her thighs met. The sound of a belt being undone, of a zipper being opened, made her teeth chatter with anticipation. 

“Do I need anything?” he asked. 

She nodded. “Please. Yes, please.”

He reached down, out of her sight, but the familiar tear of foil was as loud as her ragged, lustful breathing.  

Seconds later, he was pressed against her, flesh against flesh. And what flesh it was. His hard length slid between her legs and nudged her entrance with his tip. He rocked back and forth, moving along her slick, teasing her. She bucked her hips back, begging him for more.

Without warning, he rocked back again and this time, thrust inside her with the weight of his body behind the motion. She cried out again, this time with disbelief at the hard, thick cock that filled her completely, touched the limits of her walls. He moved inside her with a gentle rhythm at first, her walls contracting around his girth. Then, he picked up the pace and his eager hands reached around and found her breasts, swollen and full. They tried to bounce as he thrust against her, but his hands cupped them firmly, squeezing each time his cock slammed into her.

The two sensations at once were almost too much to handle. She felt the edges of an orgasm building as her clit rubbed against the smooth wood of David’s desk. Her pussy seized and contracted against his cock as she let the orgasm roll over her. 

“You feel so fucking fantastic,” David purred into her neck, his breath like fire against her bare skin. “I’m close.”

“Come. I want you to come.” 

He roared his approval, his own feral cry filling the small space. He moved against her quicker now, moved a hand down to her sex and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Each thrust came harder and faster than the one before it, and combined with the circles David rubbed over her pussy, she felt another wave, this one stronger and more all-consuming than the first. It rose and crashed over her as David shook against her. 

He collapsed into her back, pressing her stomach and chest against the cool surface of the desk. It had the benefit of calming her rising temperature from the exertion. 

When he slid out of her, his cock still half-hard and resting against her butt, she sighed and pushed up off the desk. He stood up with her, wasting no time in turning her around so she faced him. 

He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, his hands resting on the curve of her ass. He nuzzled his mouth into the crook of her neck, sucking on her earlobe. She shivered with delight as his cum slid out of her and down her leg. 

“I’ll never look at your ass in work slacks the same again.” He squeezed each ass cheek with a firm grip, then slapped one gently. 

She laughed. “You know, if we could get away with doing this at lunch, it would make work much more bearable.”

He cinched his arms around her even tighter. “I think we could get away with that. Are you saying you’d want to?”

She pulled her head back just enough to meet his gaze. 

“Yes. I mean, if you do. It takes two, you know. As fun as it is alone, this is better.”

His laugh rang out over her and when he kissed the top of her head, she relaxed.

“I agree. Let’s give it a shot. I’d hate for that dress to feel like it was used.”

“I will say,” Nora said, kissing his chest, “having you as my Secret Santa is going to make the next person pale in comparison.”

David pushed back so that the warm air slid between them. “I’m, um, not your Secret Santa. I think I worked out that Bob is.” 

Nora’s mouth fell open. “You’re not? Then, what was all this?”

“I took advantage of the season to try and woo a woman I was interested in. I hope you don’t mind.”

Nora thought about the gifts he’d sent her. The tinsel, an intimate reminder of their awkward first almost-kiss, followed by the poinsettia. Then he’d given her a necklace and gown that were so perfectly cut for her. Still, they were nothing compared to the past half an hour of sex and intimacy. Yes, she was okay with David’s minor subterfuge. In fact, she hoped there would be more of it in the future. 

She stretched up on her toes so that her mouth almost reached his and pulled his head down to meet hers. She kissed him hard and fast, her tongue opening his lips so she could taste him, devour him again. Her hand wrapped around his cock, which was hard again. 

“I don’t mind at all. Not especially if you show me why you went through all this again.” She squealed as he lifted her by her ass, placing her on the desk with her legs spread. When he dipped his face down between her thighs, she thought what a very merry Christmas it would be. 

Very merry indeed.