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What's For Dinner? You Are.

At Bellesa, one of our favourite things to do is to introduce you to the sexiest male performers out there. Meet Kai Taylor. In this scene with Lola Marie, he is equal parts charming and annoying. Lola is trying to get her work done, but he's making a racket cooking up dinner. Eventually their frustration reaches a boiling point and they begin tearing each other's clothing off. Kai's moans/facial expressions are a huge turn on in this scene.

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Such a great video! Full of passion! Thanks Bellesa Team!

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Bellesa is supposed to be "female" friendly and than this start? She makes several times clear, that she is "not prepared". That is a NO. This video is a old style role model in the interaction of women and men. Bellesa is just a webside for more porn (with more adds for sextoys) - nothing like "female-friendly". In capitalism everything is a "product" - also feminism and "female-friendly".





Lola Marie Kai Taylor

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Jan 23, 2018

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