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He Can’t Resist Me

A special Thanksgiving treat courtesy of our friends at Mile High Media! We present to you Part 2 of a full feature, The Mistress, created by the incomparable Jackie St James. In this scene, Michael Vegas is married to Lily Labeau, but it’s become increasingly hard for him not to notice their new live-in assistant, Abella Danger. As he’s pulled between keeping his marriage together and giving into his growing desire for Abella, the temptation becomes too much to resist. Michael Vegas and Abella Danger are both characteristically gorgeous in this scene, with solid acting performances to boot. If you get off on great porn videos that have engaging storylines and prioritize female pleasure, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Not enough could be said about how much artistry goes into SweetSinner’s features. Check out the rest of their catalogue here.

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This was the first video that I fell in love with on Bellesa, and the first video where I became a huge fan of Abella Danger and Micheal Vegas. Such great chemistry and talented performers, this is a definite save in my playlist of videos on Bellesa! A definite re-watch!

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Greetings, and here’s to the wisdom of Michelle for organizing her video library into categories. As you already know - and are probably already doing it - that, depending on your mood, you can click on a particular category that fits your mood. And as you begin to watch a video in one of those categories, and you picture yourself in place of the girl there, if I can I’m going to try to read the girl’s thoughts - maybe they’re yours as well. That’s for next time. Speaking of which, I’ll post future comments at the “featured” video as I‘ve done here, the large screen picture. The video titles may change, but “featured” should stay. Till then, enjoy.

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Thank you Bellesa for existing!!!! I am in love with this site & content. Finally ❤️

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