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Best We’ve Ever Had

Lily Labeau lets it all out to hubby Michael Vegas. She’s not happy about the hot live-in assistant they’ve hired and blames their sex rut on that. Michael Vegas fervently objects but Lily calls him out hard… and let’s just say Michael makes it up to her in a BIG way. He proves how much he still wants her, and how well he can still please her in one of the hottest rough scenes we’ve seen. If you’re in the mood for wild and rough, you’ve struck gold bb. These two are absolutely incredible together and show us exactly what a cathartic sex sesh filled with sexual tension and passion looks like. You won’t be disappointed.

Huge shout out to SweetSinner for always delivering such incredible content. Check them out here!

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Wow! Extremely intense! But I loved how they were both working together to achieve orgasm! Loved the chemistry between these two!

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The way my partner and myself exactly are love it!!

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