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Chad White Takes The Lead

An incredible scene with one of the most popular male performers – Chad White. And we don’t know if it’s his new rugged bearded look, but his manliness is off the charts in this one. Chad takes the lead and directs Kristen Scott in the hottest ways. By the end, it’s obvious how much effort they both put into pleasing one another. And as satisfied as Chad and Kristen clearly seem to be, we have a feeling the satisfaction you’ll get from watching these two is going to be pretty mind-blowing as well.

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This was insanely hot! Loved all of the sweat that was showing form Chad and Kristen! Kristen's eyes kept rolling constantly from the pleasuring she was receiving! Loved how Chad would go down on her multiple times during the scenes! Overall loved both of their chemistry and loved Kristen's orgasms! Loved everything about it!

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