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Watch Before You Touch

Adam Black walks in on Chrissy Fox pleasuring herself, and she’s just as turned on by it as he is. Chrissy loves teasing Adam. And Adam loves watching this beautiful scene taking place right before his eyes. Seductive stares soon turn to sensual touching, which then turns into wildly hot fucking. Be sure not to skip the ending, at around 8:12, when Chrissy cums so hard she has to grab onto the corners of the bed. Yes, it’s THAT good.

TheWhiteBoxxx by our friends at Lets Doe It is responsible for this porn magic.

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Very sensual and orgasmic! Loved Chrissy's orgasms at the end while she was holding the bed sheets, nice touch! Also at the beginning where she was touching herself, and she wagged her finger to Adam indicating "no" to him, was extremely hot! Hope to see more content form PornDoe! Thanks Team Bellesa!

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