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I’ve Wanted To Do that For So Long

Olive has had a crush on her friend Isiah for a while. She finally musters up the courage to make moves.. and it’s received very, very well. The sex is wild, passionate and beautiful. But what will really takes this video over the edge is how turned on these two are by each other and how in awe/appreciative Isiah is that Olive made her move. After Olive’s has a powerful orgasm at 14:37, Isiah also cums hard and goes as far as praising and thanking Olive. The mix of gratitude and pleasure is going to leave you weak at the knees. Enjoy!

Isiah Maxwell is a complete stud. To see more of him, check out DarkX

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I absolutely loved it! Isiah just knows how to please a woman! Loved Olive and her orgasms, and the way that she was pleasured. Their chemistry was also awesome as well! More Isiah videos please Team Bellesa! Thanks!

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Schlagen ist total abtörnend. Beating is a big turnoff/off-putting. Bellesa is supposed to be "female-friendly" - I can not see this here. It is the same commercalized stuff (just less variety and less realistic) as any other porno webside.

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Oh please lady. Those are love taps and some of us actually like it a little roughed up, gets the blood rushing and the excitement going. Absolutely loved this video, so much passion.

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I would like to talk to you about it

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