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Homemade Passion

Get ready to feel the love in this homemade scene. It begins with this real-life couple seductively smiling and giggling at one another – excited for what’s about to go down. As Danicha lays there in her lingerie, she entices her boyfriend to make his way over. He kisses up and down her leg, building up the desire before removing her panties and eating her out. There’s a ton of foreplay, and a ton of genuine orgasms in this one. Enjoy the homemade goodness!

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Wow! This was different! Loved the intensity of her orgasms and how he paid attention to every detail of her pleasure! Enjoyed this one!

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This was lame. I don’t know what sex A3P41 has had but he barely touched her clit for five seconds when they were fucking and then pounded her like a porn star. She wanted her clit touched , like we all do, and he ignored it but for a couple brief seconds. This was lame af. Why does So called “porn for women” still reek of patriarchy? She comes first, jackass. She didn’t come at all, just moaned like we all do bc we know we are supposed to.

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