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Led By Desire

Michael gives his all in this video and his efforts are appreciated and very much rewarded. After he passionately rips Mona’s clothes off, he pins her to the wall, lifts her onto his shoulders and begins eating her out – a sexual feat we’ve never seen in a video before. Their desire for each other truly leads the show here and we’re totally here for it. Enjoy!

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Wow! Lots of cunnilingus scenes to watch! Loved when she was against the wall and he was just going at it! I absolutely love Mona and I can't wait to see her in more scenes as her orgasms are just divine! Loved their chemistry together! And loved when she was on top of him! So hot! Thanks Team Bellesa!

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This is literally the best video I have ever come across. I love how realistic it is to a real couple, and the chemistry the two have. I love the close ups we get of his face when he is experiencing immense pleasure, those are honestly my favorite parts and sometimes the only thing I get off to. Michael is my favorite actor you have, he simply gets so much into it it fells less like a porn and more like reading a romance novel.

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