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Mutual Masturbation

Sicilia and Daniella Margot sprawl out in a cozy pillow alcove in the middle of the night in this fun girl on girl vid from A Girl Knows. The scene involves a little bit of eating out, a little bit of sex toy play, but mostly focuses on both women masturbating together. It’s the type of thing that you don’t really see much of, and we thinks that’s a shame (and it’s also exactly why we’re big fans of this video). Sex isn’t as clear cut and formulaic as a lot of porn makes it out to be - we always love something a little bit different.

Lets Doe It's A Girl Knows channel for amazing HD lesbian porn videos like this one.

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Too sweet and orgasmic! Loved it! Loved when she said "now that we have a vibrator, who needs men?" Haha! Their orgasms were so blissful

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