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Passion by the Poolside

What starts out as a playful pool make-out moment between Kaleb Bell and Vanessa Ortiz rapidly transforms into mind-blowingly hot sex. And although we’re used to the hot dudes this studio graces our eyes with, we feel like their content just keeps one-upping itself. Our knees are weak watching how Kaleb takes charge. We absolutely love the way he picks her up without a single hesitation while continuing to kiss her with fiery passion. That last instant described is one of many that make the highlight real. Enjoy!

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Wow he is incredibly hot and handsome! Those muscles, the way he picks her up, the way he thrusts! Wow oh wow! Loved the booty eating scene the most! Yum and the doggstyle scene at the end, just wow at the way he thrusts! So dreamy! Thanks Team Bellesa for this amazing pick!

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