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Can’t Contain Myself

If you’ve ever been in a situation where it becomes increasingly impossible to hold your desire/temptation back, you’ll fully relate to this amazing scene where Chad White and Alexa Grace can’t resist any longer and sneak off into an empty room at a hospital. Definitely not a setting for everyone, but the whirlwind aspect of it all is one that I think resonates far and wide. Chad White is consistently one of the most searched male performers on Bellesa, and a large reason for that is his ability to read, and communicate with, his female counterpart. Their sexual chemistry, the energy and the way this scene is shot lead to some very enviable climaxes. Enjoy bbs!

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Wow! I love seeing them together again! They have such great chemistry and work so well together! Loved Chad White and how he takes control! Alexa's orgasms and their different positions were amazing! This is one of the top passionate scenes on Bellesa easily! Love the banter at the end too! "You're fucking amazing!" Awww! Thanks Team Bellesa for another amazing great pick!

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Greetings girls, Today’s category - eating out. The girl’s thought - It’s really more of a feeling than a thought. She has just finished watching one of Michelle’s videos in this category, eating out. And she wants it, she needs it, she wants to anticipate it, she wants to watch while someone between her thighs is doing that to HER. In the sexual world, one of the most - if not THE most intimate and erotic act that can be performed is to have a mouth pressed against a pussy. The vaginal kiss. And that act is at the highest level of eroticism when it is the mouth of a girl. When one girl’s clit is in the mouth of another girl, it’s a guaranteed path to an orgasm that is not only intense, but also inevitable. So, enjoy.

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