Tyler Gets Rough

Posted on October 16th, 20171,134,925 Views

You know you’re in for a treat when the words “written and directed by Jacky St. James” flash across your screen. And how about the talent on the other side of the lens? Sara Luvv is one of the most authentic performers out there, and porn’s very own boy next door Tyler Nixon is a known Bellesa fave. Here’s a short list of things that make this scene so great: Tyler goes down on Sara before he even unzips his pants (VJs > BJs), Sara’s orgasms at 6:00-6:15 and 8:05-8:25, and most of all, the way Sara brings out Tyler’s more primal side. Get your bookmarks ready because you will be coming back to this one.

Who do we have to thank for uniting some of the best directorial and performing talent in the industry? SweetSinner, that’s who.

Categories: Rough (Wild), Hot Guy
Performers: Tyler Nixon, Sara Luvv
Channel: Sweet Sinner


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