Erotic Encore

Posted on October 2nd, 2018592,635 Views

There’s already a very select few lucky people chosen to attend the secret sex society, xChimera. Lauren Christ and Colin are even luckier to be back together there for a second time. But this time, Lauren’s the one in charge. And the way she starts off their time at xChimera is so. good. With Colin blindfolded, she sits between his legs, and guides his hand inside her bodysuit. Even though he’s without his sense of sight, it doesn’t stop him from making Lauren cum intensely. Definitely a worthwhile encore.

Lets Doe It presents the Bellesa favorite, xChimera. There are a ton of awesome xChimera videos on Bellesa, but dozens upon dozens more at the source. Check it out!

Categories: Passionate
Performers: Lauren Crist, Colin
Channel: xChimera

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