What I Want, When I Want It

Posted on March 3rd, 2020682,923 Views

Wow, Sweet Sinner really outdid themselves with this one. There is something very fitting about pairing Jenna Ross with Chad White for this HD porn video. Their vibe is electric and their urge to fuck feels so damn sincere. After making him wait several months to have sex, she shows up at his office wearing almost nothing beneath her trench coat (a total fantasy of ours). The big wooden presidential-style desk is the main prop in this video, and everything basically happens on top of it. I wish I could say that’s the hottest part, but when Jenna squirts at 13:32, that takes the cake. This is a must watch, bbs! No excuses.

Categories: Rough, Squirt
Performers: Chad White, Jenna Ross
Channel: Sweet Sinner


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