Our Favorite Plaything - DEEPER

Posted on June 7th, 2020619,253 Views

In this stunning threesome scene from Deeper, Vina Sky is invited to be the center of attention for a hedonist couple in their pursuit of pleasure. Gianna takes the lead, blindfolding Vina and expertly teasing her with different sensory play. Vina doesn't know when or where - or who - the next touch is coming from. It's the little things that really make this scene. The way that Gianna wraps Vina's hair and blindfold around her fist at 4:55 is pure art, and the way she explodes at 8:10 is just wow. Enjoy this threesome magic, bbs!

Categories: Rough, Threesome (FMF)
Performers: Gianna Dior, Vina Sky
Channel: Deeper

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