Always Asking For More

Posted on July 6th, 2020456,482 Views

It is clearly not Aidra nor Steve's first time in the dungeon- this is some expert level kink play, my friends. Steve is a skilled Dominant who knows exactly how much discipline Aidra needs. Aidra is a bratty submissive who knows just how cheeky to be with him to get what she wants. Within the frame of their arrangement, she deliberately challenges their rules of engagement to coax out the delicious punishment she's after. Steve takes Aidra through their entire table of toys and torture devices, playing with every one of her favorite sensations- although the most masterful move might just be when he improvises with his tie around 12:09, wow.

Categories: Rough, Bondage
Performers: Aidra Fox, Steve Holmes
Channel: Sweet Sinner

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