My Italian Muse

Posted on October 5th, 202034,147 Views

As a professional photographer, Abella often found herself around beautiful, confident, sensual women. She’d often wonder if it’s what drew her to her career choice in the first place- and whether these were women she wanted to be, or be with. Abella was a professional through and through, and had never even entertained the thought of crossing a line before...until Valentina. Something about her had always captivated Abella- the way she exudes confidence and power and moves through the world so unapologetically. When Valentina makes an unambiguous advance at her during one of their shoots, Abella is pushed to make a decision: stay in her comfort zone and uphold professional boundaries...or finally give in to this raw and unrelenting desire.

Categories: Story, Girl on Girl
Channel: Bellesa Films


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