Messy Roommates

Posted on October 5th, 2020440,928 Views

Alina, a bit of a hot mess, could tell that her new roommate Mike was a bit of a neat freak. She was super respectful at first, but once they became more comfortable with each other, she’d often forget to put her dirty dishes away, or pick her clothes up off the floor. He’d been patient with her, but after finding his own clothes crumpled all over the floor, Mike snaps. He storms into her room, only to find Alina lying down, pressing her Aurora vibrator between her legs. About to lace into him for not knocking, Alina finds herself...aroused. Something about seeing Mike all heated like that, it turns her on. A lot. She gets him to sit down, and they work through their frustrations.. together.

Categories: Story, Passionate
Channel: Bellesa Films

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