Punished at the Office

Eva Monroe
4 mins read
Published over 3 years ago

No panties and a fresh wax had me dripping onto my skirt all day… 

I couldn’t get comfortable, so I texted you for instruction on how to sit. 

Legs open. Obviously.’ was your reply.

Not sure of how wide you wanted my legs, I sent you some photos… Even though it was a busy day for you and I knew better… 

As wide as they’ll go, slut. You’re smart enough to figure this out on your own. I told you I’m busy today.
Yes, Sir... I’m sorry, Sir...
Not as sorry as you’re going to be. Now keep your slutty legs spread wide open and await your punishment. I’ll deal with you when I have time.

I did as instructed, my naked and exposed pussy dripping more and more with every passing hour…

Finally, my phone buzzed.

Are you still sitting like the naughty little office slut that you are?
... yes, Sir...
Show me.

Obeying at once, I sent you a photo looking down on me, so you could see how wide my legs were spread for you, with my short black skirt slipped up towards my hips. Since you’d also told me to wear a top that would rub against my braless nipples, they were visibly poking through my semi-sheer red blouse. I’d gotten quite a few stares walking around in such an outfit.

Mmm... good girl. I love that your nipples are so on display... Are you getting a lot of attention today?
...yes, Master... so many people have stared at my tits... and my tiny skirt...
Good. You deserve it. Now show me that dripping pussy of mine. Take a photo under your desk.

Following your orders always makes me extra wet, so there was a lot of dripping to see... The minutes passed so slowly while I awaited your reply. 

...that’s decent, slut. But you need to be punished, don’t you?
...yes, Master...
Tell me what for.
...i need to be punished for bothering you when i knew you were busy, Sir...
That’s right. At least you’re a smart slut.
‘...thank you, Sir.

Watching the text bubbles as you typed was a purely unnecessary form of torment, but I couldn’t help myself... I was so nervous to find out what my punishment would be. 

Finally, your instructions appeared.

Send me a video. In it, I want to watch as you spread those juices all over my naughty, slutty little pussy and thighs. 
Then I want you to take a Sharpie - one of the bigger ones - and put it inside that sloppy, disobedient little pussy. 
Fuck yourself with it a little. Once you’ve done that, you can stop the video, but the Sharpie stays until I tell you to remove it. 
Is that understood, slut?

I whimpered out loud as I read it. I’d have to sit at my desk, talking to coworkers who came by, with a Sharpie stuck inside me... The humiliation would be so intense. But you know me well, and you knew I’d also be turned on by being embarrassed and punished in this way. You knew I’d get off on being subjected to such a shameful form of discipline... 

Picking up my phone, I steadied my trembling hands. Following your instructions step by step, it was already hard to resist the urge to wriggle and moan as I moved the wetness of my juices around for you. Then came time for the Sharpie. Even though they aren’t very thick, I don’t usually fuck myself with anything while sitting at my desk... I couldn’t help but moan and squirm a little.

“You okay?” my coworker called from across the room. 

Mortified, I cleared my throat and sat up straighter. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just... stretching.” 

I sounded unconvincing, even to myself. But she dropped it, so I continued on with my punishment...

After a few more thrusts of the Sharpie, I stopped the video. Sitting there with it sticking out of my pussy was already so humiliating, but I knew better than to defy your orders. I sent you the video and did my best to keep working.

Eventually, my phone chimed with your reply.

Hah, look at what a horny little bitch you are... so excited about fucking a Sharpie, you’re moaning and writhing at your desk...
...yes, Sir... i couldn’t help myself, Sir...
I know you couldn’t, slut. And you almost got caught as a result... tsk tsk tsk...
...i know, Sir... i’m sorry, Sir...
No need to be sorry. You’re the slut who’s going to be completely humiliated if she’s caught by her coworkers with a Sharpie in her naughty, sloppy little pussy.

I could imagine you smirking at the thought, and am ashamed to admit it only turned me on even more. 

....yes, Master...
Send me a photo with your skirt hiked all the way up, so I can see that humbled pussy of mine, put in her proper place... and make sure you look appropriately sorry for what you’ve done.
....yes, Master...

Spreading my legs even wider, I hiked my skirt up around my waist, leaving everything totally exposed... I could only pray that no one would walk by my desk. Looking down, I raised my eyes to the camera and did my best to look remorseful. Then, I sent the photo to you and awaited your verdict.

Mmm... good girl. Such a penitent little slut.
...yes, Sir... thank you, Sir...
You’re welcome. You’re lucky I have the patience to teach you how to behave.
Yes, Master... i’m the luckiest slave ever... Thank you so much, Sir...
Sigh... someone has to do it. Otherwise you’d run wild... a horny little bitch out of control, humping everything in sight.

Wouldn’t you?

With a sharp intake of breath, my hands trembled. Part of me wished it didn’t turn me on so much when you called me that... a horny little bitch... but the surge of dripping wetness between my legs was undeniable.

...yes, Sir... thank you for teaching me self control, Sir.
You’re welcome. Now finish your work. You may fix your skirt, but don’t touch that Sharpie until I tell you to. 
If you behave, maybe I’ll let you fuck your slutty little pussy with it some more later.
...yes, Master... thank you so much...’
Be a good girl now.
Thank you, Sir... i will...
We’ll see...

And with that, I got back to work - legs spread wide and my naughty little pussy appropriately humiliated... 

Sometimes learning how to behave wasn’t so bad.

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Written by
Eva Monroe

Eva Monroe is a gal’s gal, guy’s gal, gal about town. She has a very active imagination and lots of opinions and frequently writes those things down. From screenplays to news articles to academic essays, Eva loves taking on the challenge of writing in new mediums, and her smut-tastic adventures with Bellesa are some of the most fun she’s ever had. Eva also co-produced two award-winning short films and has an MFA in screenwriting. Eva Monroe is not her real name.