Masturbation (12)

Waking Up

Maria Segreti13 mins

I was rubbing myself when his hand covered mine. He didn’t try to stop me, or move my hand away. Instead, he moved with me, learning what I liked before taking over. He mimicked my actions, tracing my folds the way I had and then moved down lower.


Quiet Hours

Flora Rae12 mins

You should know... I haven’t done this,” I told Ezra, not knowing what to expect as the words settled around us. But Ezra surprised me. “We can take it as slow as you want,” he whispered. “Or as slow as you can stand it...


A Second First Time

Flora Rae12 mins

Now, I sat on her bed and heard the springs sigh as she collapsed next to me. It had been years since I’d been in this bed with her. Yet my limbs filled the space naturally, buzzing with anticipation as they stretched out on her soft, pink sheets.


Better Than Dreaming

Bridget Bellecerise10 mins

I pause to and glance up to see that his eyes are still closed. My hips are still working against my fingers, grinding desperately now. My pussy tightens and I arch my back, lifting my hips so that I can reach deep inside and drag my wetness across my swollen clit. I close my eyes again.


Check, Please

Ella Lee10 mins

Kris felt the heat in her cheeks and guiltily looked around the diner. With the sound of the Hitachi whirring in her headphones and the vision of her friend grinding into it, she resisted the growing urge to touch herself.


Layers of Lucy

Posy Churchgate14 mins

Before she could talk herself out of it, Lucy stripped down to her underwear (white, but pretty satin and lace) then slipped her boots back on. Bending over the tripod, the satin strained across her curves, her breasts pressed forward invitingly, barely contained by lace cups.


The Phone Booth

Tabitha Rayne6 mins

She’d phoned him from a booth opposite the gas station miles away from anywhere, twisting the cable in her fingers while she burned.


Sexual Frustration

Oya Calor7 mins

I suck in my breath, and let my head fall back, to the earth. There is no one around. Am I dreaming? Or is this a real day?



Jayne Renault9 mins

Monday's are the worst. Perhaps the only way to beat them is to take matters into your own hands...


Conservation Area

Jayne Renault8 mins

She sat upright and noted the rigidity of the wooden cadaver that pressed back up into her. Hunger puckered from her core, grasping at the length of a memory. Shifting her weight from one hip bone to the other, she rocked back and forth over her swelling bud.


Making Space

Jayne Renault7 mins

Relaxed and open, she suddenly became acutely aware of just how long it had been since she had taken the time to really take care of herself.


Punished at the Office

Eva Monroe4 mins

Watching the text bubbles as you typed was a purely unnecessary form of torment, but I couldn’t help myself... I was so nervous to find out what my punishment would be.