The Phone Booth

Tabitha Rayne
6 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

Just one more time, Bella made the promise to herself, knowing by the tremor of excitement sizzling through her body, she’d broken it already.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her new man, she really did, but when she’d called Danny up to tell him that she was in town on business, the old electricity had buzzed through the line straight to her clit.

Aesthetics were part of it. Bella had set the scene just the way she’d imagined it played out in a dusty Nineties road movie.

She’d phoned him from a booth opposite the gas station miles away from anywhere, twisting the cable in her fingers while she burned.

He’d picked up on the third ring and her nipples peaked at that sweet click.

“Danny?” was all she could say, her throat suddenly dry, her whole being caught somewhere between fear and arousal.

“Fuck, Bella,” he said, his voice heavy with lust and all they’d been through.

She could hear him sweeping his hands through his hair and she shivered as she imagined the heavy locks falling back into place, obscuring his dark eyes just the way they used to. Oh man, and the smell of his unwashed hair after a day working under car hoods, the aromas of dust, sweat and oil clinging to him, adding to his own sensual grime. 

She chewed on her bubble gum and sizzled. She couldn’t speak just yet so she pressed the soft gum to the inside of her front teeth and blew. She heard his intake of breath as the bubble grew and when she smacked it back into her lips with a pop, he exhaled with a growl.

“Bella, what are you doing?” he asked, his voice low and thick. 

She knew exactly what she was doing. She pulled the gum back in and pushed it up into the side of her cheek.

“It’s cherry.”

“Of course it is…”

They stayed silent, both seeming unable to voice what to do next.

Dirt kicked up from the road and clung to the panes outside the stifling phone booth. Bella leaned back against the hot glass and pushed her legs apart, squeezing her thighs against the tight fabric of her denim mini. She’d dressed trashy. Red high heels, skirt so short it barely covered her plump cunt. She popped her gum again and shamelessly tipped her pelvis up, fully knowing if anyone passed this way they’d get a view of her naked arousal.

Her pussy yearned for his rough raking fingers and expert tongue. She wanted his dirt and grime all over her. She wanted his filthy hand prints on her ass as he hoisted her up and sat her on his fat hard cock. Oh how she’d sink down it, she’d ride him like she used to, hard and fast and angry. The lust between them always made them ferocious for each other. The best fucking sex she’d ever known. 

Now she was ravenous for him.

“Where are you?” he whispered.

“The gas station out past the Davey’s yard, you remember it?”

“Of course I fucking remember it.” 

The line went dead and she knew he was on his way.

It was just after midday and the heat inside the booth was getting unbearable, almost matching the fire raging between her legs. Her pussy was wet, smearing the tops of her thighs and she rubbed them together back and forth taking what friction she could on her desperate clit.

The gas station had a shitty diner attached. They used to meet there and he’d finger fuck her under the table as Debbie served them coffee and she’d come on the cheap red vinyl seating. Oh he was so fucking good with his hands. So deft. It would take him less than a minute to bring her off but she’d been thinking about it so long before they’d meet, she probably could have come on the seam of her panties if she’d pulled them tight.

He got her so hot. Memories flooded and her breasts swelled. She lifted her chest, arching her back feeling like a cat in heat as she waited. Time slowed and the static energy all around heightened her senses. She heard birds on the wire above, the bell of the gas station door, the rickety back and forth of the swing sign. How it was swinging she didn’t know, there was barely a breath of wind in the air. 

She heard the rumbling of a car in the distance, or was it a freight train? This town was a classic. 

Bella leaned her shoulders back into the glass still arching her breasts high and slid her hands up under her T-shirt. She’d worn her electric blue bra, the one he’d loved, and her nipples beaded almost painfully as she grazed them with her fingertips.

Oh god, she was so ready, her desire took hold and she was desperate. She’d fuck anything right now. 

Her yearning tits were so sensitive she was ready to burst and she yanked down the cups of her bra to expose them to the inner fabric of her T.

She grabbed and massaged at them, just like he used to. Rough and hard, flicking thumbs over the tender nubs, squeezing them between pinched fingers. He would use his teeth on her too. It made her buck and spasm and she called out for him to hurry the fuck up.

The rumbling had gone. Must have been the train.


She continued playing with her tits and pushed her legs apart again, slamming her feet to the edges of the restricted space. Her legs felt long and lean, strong against the booth. 

She nearly cried out as her cunt twitched of its own accord, convulsing out a tiny pre-emptive orgasm as she played with her breasts.

It made Bella smile and she snaked her tongue in her cheek to retrieve the gum and began to chew sensuously. Remembering how she’s seduced him that first time at the bar, blowing bubbles from her cherry red lips and popping them as he caught her eye.

Their chemistry in the crowded bar had been unbearable. They’d flirted from afar all night until closing time. They’d waited for everyone to leave then he took her outside and fucked her hard over his truck bonnet. It had been dark and dirty and she’d loved it, spilling her juices over his paint job and beautiful clever cock.

Oh how she’d yearned for that cock since. The perfect curve that reached her g-spot every time. The way he’d fuck her from behind, slamming into her sweet-spot and reaching round at just the right moment to frig her clit to oblivion while he shot his load inside her.

Where was he? Bella’s clit was twitching and her pussy clenched and released, juices trickling out in readiness for him.

She remembered the time he’d taken her back to his workshop, the smell of grime and gas permeating the air and she’d felt extra slutty that night. She’d sat atop a client’s Chevy and spread her legs as wide as she could, loving the cold steel of the hood on her ass as she smeared her want all over it.

“You wanna see how much I can take?” She’d stared into his eyes and he’d stared back as she pushed all four fingers into her mouth, getting them good and coated with saliva. She pulsed them in and out of her mouth as if it were her cunt and flicked her gaze to his cock stiffening under his overalls.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said then brought his gaze to her pussy.

She crept her fingers down and began to massage her lips and vulva round and round, bringing sensation to her clit, winding up her desperation. She held her four fingers in a beak shape and pressed at the entrance of her cunt. Shivers drew hot sweat across her back as she pushed, breaching her hole slowly working in and out, pushing a little deeper each time until at last she was fucking herself hard with four fingers up to the knuckles. 

He pulled out his cock and fisted it in his filthy hands.

“Oh yeah, take it baby, take them all,” he said, growling as his forearm became a blur with thrusting so fast.

Bella responded by leaning forward to get as much depth and purchase as she could, reaching round with her other hand to hold herself open even more. 

His rhythm slowed, his jaw went slack, he was close and so was she. He began to list forward as the first twitching spurts of come sprayed from his cock and Bella rammed her hand home, blasting out her own orgasm over the car bonnet.

They’d lain on the hood in their own sex and sweat and watched the stars through the broken down tin roof.

He’d promised her then that he’d take her away from this dusty shitty town.

But here she was, back to meet him in his dusty shitty town. There were probably even more stars visible through the roof of this workshop now. The whole place was in disrepair from the gas station to the diner that still had the same worn out Coke sign.

Bella had been pleased when the payphone accepted her coins and managed to put the call through. She’d brought her cell just in case it hadn’t been in service, but the fact that the phone had worked had played a perfect part in her tableau.

Bella’s ears pricked again at the rumbling of an approaching truck. She wouldn’t be surprised if he still had the same one. Ol’ Eliza he’d named it. Well, poor Ol’ Eliza had seen plenty of action. 

Bella froze, suspended in the tantalizing thought that moments from now, he might be here, growling into that spot behind her ear and raking his rough hands all over her body. Her ass clenched as she imagined him grabbing at the fleshy mounds and kneading them, just the way he used to before sinking to his knees and eating her out.

She’d always ask him, “How many fingers?”

And he’d always say two, even though she was sure he’d fucked her with three.

It made her so wet and horny to think of his broad manly digits forcing their way inside, spreading her to make room for just…one…more.

It was unbearable now. The booth thrummed with electricity and she could take it no more. Bella yanked her skirt up over her ass and exposed her cunt. Picking up the handset of the phone she pressed the hearing end to her cunt and rubbed hard. With the other hand, she reached down and around to push her fingers into her pussy from behind. 

Head lolling back, she spirals off into that heady place of impending climax, hanging on the edge of the abyss where everything stills and the universe expands all around. And then she’s freefalling, slamming and flapping as her legs twist and her body bucks and thrashes in the glass booth. Tits swing into each other and she grinds her teeth together and clamps her legs around the handset coming hard, spilling her juices all over it as the error tone screeches out of the speaker.

As the door creaks shut, Bella walks to her car, juices smearing her thighs. She glances back and smiles at the handset dangling under the phone. 

She climbs in her Chevy and spins up the dust, leaving the memories of this place and back to her new life.

Written by
Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha Rayne is an award-winning erotic author and inventor of The Ruby Glow ride-on vibrator. She believes orgasms and sharing orgasmic energy will one day bring about world peace.