Room 208

Ella Lee
11 mins read
Published about 2 years ago

Content Warning: This story's play includes elements of BDSM, DD/LG, degradation, punishment, and orgasm denial within the context of an ongoing relationship based on respect, trust, and consent.

Enjoy your kink responsibly.

She dialed his number, the only one she knew by heart out of the hundreds in her contacts. Two rings and he answered.


“It’s me. I’m starving.”

“Of course you are, baby girl.” She could hear his smirk. “Tell me about it.”

She sighed impatiently. “It’s a ten. I’m going to gnaw off my own arm soon. ” 

“You know I’m working right now. I have an important presentation with the team tomorrow morning, remember?”

She tapped her fingers audibly on the desk, loud enough for him to hear it. She knew how much he hated that juvenile habit, how it drove him crazy to hear the fidgeting. 

He did not tolerate her shows of impatience. 

She was, of course, provoking him on purpose. 

“Okay, baby girl. Meet in an hour at the place. The dirty one. Text me the room number once you’re there.”

She exhaled. Sweet relief was on its way. 

“Thank you, Daddy… and there is something you need to know”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I’m feeling a touch bratty. I don’t know how well I can obey tonight.”

“We’ll see about that, baby girl. Don’t worry. You’ll get what you need”

She hung up her phone and look around her apartment, searching for something to do to kill time. Maybe organize the fridge? There was always scrubbing the tub, or her watering her plants but…

“Fuck it,” she said aloud. 

She grabbed her keys and slammed the door on her way out. 

Pulling into the parking lot of the small motel, she did her cursory glance around to make sure she wouldn’t be recognized. The motel was one of a few on this seedy strip of the boulevard known for renting by the hour, which attracted a particular clientele. It was the kind of place your average family man would not want to have listed on his monthly statement. Thankfully, they took cash.  

It was early evening and raining softly, a summer treat that she would normally appreciate but right now, in her excitement, barely registered. 

The lot was pretty full with a strange variety of cars and trucks. Lots of trucks tonight, she noticed. This was also the kind of place truck drivers stopped to take a rest on their way to wherever. She saw a few of them walking around, their hats pulled low, their jeans riding even lower.

“Toto, we’re not at the W anymore,” she thought to herself as she sidestepped puddles. 

The siding was white with brown stains, the room doors painted an ugly forest green. But just like every time before, she barely noticed any of it as she made her way to reception.

This was the part she always dreaded a little, the part she knew had to happen if she was going to get what she really wanted. 

“I’d like a room for a few hours, please,” she rehearsed in her head as she walked inside.

She picked at her cuticles feverishly, hoping for the least awkward encounter God might bless her with. She hit the bell on the desk and realized that God was not on her side today. A surprisingly repulsive man sidled up behind the glass, leered at her tits then made eye contact. 


“Hi. I need a room, she stated in a quiet, even voice. “Just for a few hours.”

He raised an eyebrow and cracked his gum. 

She settled his curiosity by returning his gaze, assuring him with a glance that the details of her request were none of his fucking business. At this point, she was quite sure that he had passed gas. She could sense him undressing her with his eyes, her black lace camisole an unintentional gift to the world. Her nipples were hard and on display.

“Four hours, thirty dollars,” he replied politely, stealing another glance at her tits. 

She slid the cash under the glass window and took the key. Room 208. 

She texted him immediately. 

The door was located in the center of the exterior corridor, the whirring ice machine to its left. She heard crickets in the background, a sound that persisted even after she let herself in and closed the door. The room was freezing — someone had left the air condition to chill the space to 65 degrees. She turned it off and looked around. 

Nothing could have made this place any cheaper. 

There were ugly unframed mirrors on the walls, a mini fridge perched precariously on a small console and a broken TV. That was it. The bed was covered in a garish, orangey-red coverlet likely crunchy with use.

None of this fazed her. Without caring, she flopped down on the bed and began to play on her phone.

After some time, she heard the door open followed by a few footsteps and keys jangling. His backpack dropped to the floor with a thud. She wondered what was inside but didn’t ask, deliberately ignoring his presence. 

He cleared his throat. 

She didn’t budge.

“Stand up,” he said. 

She turned to look at him. He was striking in a white V-neck T-shirt and dark denim. The color glowed against his dark skin, the fabric pulling against his built biceps and chest. She squirmed a little at the sight of him. 

But she rolled her eyes. 

“I’m playing bejeweled,” she whined, looking back to her screen. Don’t bug me.” 

Suddenly, her phone was out of her hands and on the floor. She pouted.

“Hey! That floor is revolting. My phone needs to be disinfected now. I hope you brought some Clorox wipes in your backpack.”

“Shut up, baby girl. Get on your back. Now.”

“Make me,” she spat in a pathetic show of bratty defiance. 

She turned away from him, flopped back onto her belly and faced the strategically placed wall mirror. She panned the room with him in it, taking in the dirty carpet, crusty coverlet and flickering lights being worshipped by a tribe of moths. The whole place oozed extreme trashiness and she felt wonderfully slutty.

Suddenly, he was on her, holding her down from behind as he pulled down her skirt, threw it on the floor and ripped her panties off. He inhaled them deeply, forced her to do the same, and then stuffed them in her mouth.

“You may not like this,” he said. 

Forcing her face down and ass up, he spanked her three times, hard. She gasped through her panty gag. It hurt, a little more than she was expecting, more than she thought she could tolerate. And it was exactly what she had been hoping for when she called him here tonight. Her clit pulsed harder than ever and in spite of the initial shock, she found herself wiggling her ass back toward him for more. 

“Such a little baby girl slut. You love this, don’t you, gagged with your own wet panties, offering your ass to me.” 

Slowly rubbing her labia, he gently pushed into her pussy with two fingers.

“Don’t make a noise or I will add two more spanks.” 

She wiggled a little more, unsure of how hard she wanted to push.

“You probably won’t like what I have planned for you next. My suggestion is to just be a good baby girl and do as I say. We can dance around the obvious, but I’m on the clock. We both know that you are a filthy slut and you’re desperate to add to the cocktail of stains on this bed.” She clamped down on her exhalation when he pushed his fingers deeper inside her, extracting more wet and swell. “Don’t make me have to call the front desk.”  

She squirmed, thinking of the obese, unshaven, flannel-clad man from the front desk who gave her the room key. “No noise after 10,” he’d said cheekily, as if challenging her to protest the obvious. His fingernails were dirty. He had smelled of soup. She heard the porn playing from his little adjacent office. 

She nearly fainted from bliss.

“On your back,” he instructed her again. This time she complied. 

He pulled a Hitachi wand out of his backpack, its cord wrapped neatly around the handle. Her favorite. Reaching over to the side of the bed, he plugged it into an outlet above the side table. 

“Listen carefully, baby girl. I am going to edge you for 30 seconds at a time. Every time I stop, you have to either beg or share a fantasy or tell me something sufficiently dirty. Only when I feel that we have reached the depths of your depravity will I let you cum, and you get to choose how. Deal?”

She flipped onto her back, her inflamed skin irritated by the crunchy bedding. 

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered sweetly, knowing how much he loved to hear her say it. 

He turned on the vibe and began roving about her various sensitive zones, the topography of which he knew quite well by now. Her mind began traveling along with the vibrations, her thoughts abuzz with fantasy and dirty imagery as she sunk deeper into her arousal.

He stopped. She whined.

“Shut up,” he said, admiring her beautiful, curvy body. “Now, go,” he ordered, and he slapped her clit, eliciting a sharp gasp.

Like he’d turned on a tap, the words ran freely from her lips. 

“Please Daddy, please turn the vibe back on. I’ll do anything. I swear, I’ll be so good, you’ll never have to call me a brat again. Anything you want, I promise, it’s on the table. I’ll be the best little baby girl slut you can imagine. You want me to show me off? See how low I’ll go? Open the door to this revolting room, Daddy, while you have me on my back with this giant, trashy sex toy buzzing on my clit. Please please please turn it back on, I promise I’ll be good, you can open the door so people can watch Daddy, please… I don’t give a fuck, you know that. You see who I am, your little slut who calls you at work, begging you to spank and tease and fuck in this nasty room. So open the door, share me, because that’s what you know I need to cum...” 

He smirked and turned the vibe back on, pushing it right into her clit. He began to draw little circles around it and her breathing came faster, her cheeks burning a little pinker. Her eyes closed again and she imagined herself lying on the pea green coverlet, her hips thrusting up into her Daddy’s hands. She was deliciously pathetic. She knew how hard it made him for her. 

He switched off the vibe again.

“Fuck, Daddy, not again…” she whimpered, and he flicked her clit hard. She released an incomprehensible torrent of swears until real words formed, tumbling out of her, a jumble of wanting to impress him and absolute truth. 

“Please, Daddy, please turn back on my vibe. Please, I need to cum so badly. Make me soak through these nasty sheets. You are my Daddy, you're supposed to help me. Please help me… 

Did you open the door like I asked? So the truckers here for the night can peek in? You know you want them to, Daddy. On their way back from the ice machines, thinking they'll have nothing better to watch tonight than Jeopardy followed by free internet porn. Then they hear this funny buzzing sound and check out what’s going on - Daddy... please, please turn on the vibe again - and they see that you left the door open. They can watch through the cracks, seeing your little baby girl riding the vibe. Watching, rubbing, pulling down their zippers, putting their hands in their pants. Watching you jerk me off, watching me pinch my nipples, finger my pussy, finger my ass. I want all of that, Daddy, I want them to watch me. It’s such a yummy idea, their dirty fingernails, and hard cocks, all watching in a group, grunting in the hall…

She grabbed her breasts, twisted her nipples between her fingers, trying to prolong arousal. She slapped her own clit for him and whimpered. 

“Please, please, Daddy, don’t make me go any further, I need to cum…”

“Good girl,” he whispered and turned the vibe back on, sending her hips flying up again, raising and lowering to their own primal rhythm. 

He had her in her zone and she was getting close. She was certain that he had already have felt the few little tremors but he had graciously let them slide. She knew that was gonna gush, but when and how she got there was up to him. She was at his mercy. 

She noticed how hard his cock was.

He changed the setting to pulsate and kept on exploring her pussy. She exhaled slowly, trying to control her orgasm. 

He stopped again. 

Too long. The waiting was agonizing.

“Daddy daddy daddy, okay, I’ve had enough. 

I’m begging you, let me cum. 


I wasn’t going to say anything earlier, but I will let you invite whoever you want to join us, Daddy. I know you'd like that.

Just walk over to the door and open it wide so people know they can come in and watch me squirt everywhere. They can come in. Maybe they’ll want to play with me a little, finger my cunt, play with my tits. Daddy, once they are in, they can jerk off on me. Maybe they can even watch me suck your cock while they jerk off onto my ass. Would you like that? Please, Daddy, just let me cum…

She glanced at him, but he was just staring at her, daring her to continue. 

Ooooh, wait, Daddy, I know what you would really like,” she mumbled, almost losing track of her rambling thoughts. “Listen, they can even cum all over me, they can pull out their cocks and just cum all over your baby girl slut, on my breasts and my belly, my ass, my hair, my face. Everywhere, just me, covered in nasty trucker cum, and once I’m sticky and gross, I will eat your ass while one of them jerks you off. I know you would like that, wouldn’t you? Rough hands on your dick, pumping you while my tongue licks you clean... please, just let me fucking cum already Daddy, please please please please please….”

“Fuck, baby girl….” 

Finally, he gave in and dropped the vibe. 

She pulled him down next to her, swirled her tongue deep in his mouth and took over. Climbing on top of him, she positioned herself on his cock and rode him slowly as she reached to the side for the vibe. 

She found her magic spot, and while riding him hard, orgasmed quickly and intensely, soaking him and the sheets, filling the room with the acrid, sweet scent of her own cum. He came right after and held her close. 

Exhausted, she collapsed next to him on the bed, the two of them lying in a collective mess. He gently ran his fingers along her arms, chest, belly, and face, tracing little circles, letting her know she was loved. 

“Mmm, baby girl…” he whispered in his deep voice. 

Something had caught her eye as she was beginning to drift away with him. A sliver of light coming in from the outside. She could make out the parking lot through a crack in the door. Beyond the whirring of the ice machine and the crickets outside, she was almost sure she could make out the shuffling of shoes on damp pavement. 

She passed out next to Daddy, smiling.

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