Tease Me: Prequel

Adele Knight
5 mins read
Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 5

Tease Me: Prequel (Epilogue)

Tory bounced onto the bed, scattering the stacks of papers littering my duvet. “Haven't you submitted that paper yet?”

My finger directed the tiny cursor and clicked, sending the tiny envelope zipping from the screen. I grinned and smacked my hands together. “Done!”

Tory wiggled her hips in an excited dance and shoved a box wrapped in white and red polka dots in front of me. “Yay! Party time!”

I shoved my laptop off my lap and picked up the box, rattling it. “No parties yet. I’m prepping for a summer class.”

Tory shook her head but smiled. “Of course you are.”

I tapped the box with one finger and arched a brow at the devious smile curling my best friend’s mouth. “What is this?”

Tory shrugged and tugged at the end of her hair, curling it around her polished nail. “Something to tide you over for the next two years.”

My brows pulled together and my stomach fluttered with uncertainty. “Until what?”

She rolled her eyes. “Until your next date.”

My stomach jumped and warmth tinted my cheeks. Last night had been unforgettable, but agreeing to go home with one guy and leaving with another was not something I planned to do ever again. Mortification still burned my skin when I thought about how the night had turned out. What were the odds that Ben and Luke were related? It was crazy.

The memory of Luke pressed against me still sent my insides into a flutter, but Ben had worked me over enough in one night to last all through my residency.

I pinched the gold ribbon between my fingertips and tugged. Curiosity warred with nervousness. Tory’s gifts were always unexpected. Gold fluttered to the bed, and I flicked the tape off both ends. Tory stretched across the bed and ripped at the paper. “You're too slow.”

A white box with a shiny pink dildo greeted me. Black marker scribbled out the name and replaced it with a new one. A snort huffed out of my nose. “Mr. Capable.”

Tory chuckled. “I thought you’d like it.”

She slid off the bed and walked to the door. “Liam has been eating pineapples all day and wants me to come over and see if his cum tastes any sweeter.”

I scrunched up my nose. “Ew. I didn’t need to hear that.”

Tory winked and pulled the door behind her. She stopped just before closing it and stuck her head back through. “Thought you’d like to know that you and Mr. Capable will be alone for the next few hours.”

She winked and waggled her fingers before closing the door with a click.

I laughed and shook my head, the box dropping onto the bed beside me. I flicked open the summer course outline. I didn’t need a dildo. One night of fantasizing about Luke and fucking his brother wasn’t going to turn me into some nympho that needed to get herself off with a plastic penis.

Memories from last night flowed into my thoughts—minty breath fanning across my cheeks as hips thrust against my ass on the dance floor. A cock rocking inside of me until I cried out for more. A familiar tingle prickled my thighs.

I gnawed on my bottom lip and picked up the box again, flipping it in my hands and stopping to read the description. “Start with a low purr as you explore your body.”

Something started to purr already between my thighs, and I wondered how close to the real thing plastic would feel.

Drums beat against my ribs. Tory did say if I wasn't going to use a boy then I should have a toy. One leg stretched off the bed, then the other, cautiously, as though I was afraid of being caught. I dashed to the door and locked it. The last thing I wanted was Tory opening the door and schooling my inexperience.

I hesitated. Was I really going to use it?

That delicious ache pulsed between my thighs, reminding me that two years was a very long time to go between penises.

I opened the box and pulled out the thick pink shaft. The texture was smooth but lined with veins. The bulbous tip promised to stretch me even wider than Ben had last night. I wondered how this piece of plastic compared to Luke.

My heart started to thump a little harder, and that purr between my thighs shifted gears and revved my body to life. I flipped on the switch and squeaked as vibrations rippled through my hands. I bit my lip and pressed the buzzing cock to my chest, brushing it lightly over my shirt and grazing my nipples.

Electricity zapped to my clit and my walls spasmed, clenching in anticipation.

I lowered myself to the bed, papers crinkling beneath my back, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see if this plastic cock could make me feel as good as a real one. Tremors tickled a path down my stomach and settled between my thighs. I spread them wide and arched my hips, feeling a tiny buzz beneath my cotton shorts.

A gasp broke through my lips and my clit pulsed with need.

I shoved my shorts and panties down my leg, letting the cool air swirl around my heated flesh. I brought the tip back to my thighs and gently tapped my aching clit with it.

Sparks sizzled up my spine as I pressed the tip harder and slid it down between my folds. My toes curled into the duvet cover, and my body rocked against the vibrations. Pulses ripped up my back and swelled in my chest. My nipples tightened to hard points, and I reached up with one hand to pinch a tip.

Coils tightened low in my belly and hinted that it would be a very quick test run. My body wanted to come, very soon.

I teased my lips, rolling the tip in circles and pressing closer to my entrance. I pushed, shoving the tip between my lips and forcing the swollen shaft inside. Warmth burst across my skin, and a gasp broke from my lips. My thighs bunched and lifted, forcing the cock deeper and my walls to spread wider and grip the pink shaft tighter. The gasp turned to a low moan, and my eyes fluttered closed, focusing on the tiny vibrations pulsing inside of me.

I dragged the tip back slowly, teasing myself until it was nearly out, then shoved it all the way, until the plastic sack bounced against my ass. My wrist built up a rhythm, pushing and pulling me to the edge but never letting me fall. My hips bucked, tightening that coil inside and seeking that sweet release. I needed to come, not for Ben or Luke, but to satisfy the primal need clawing at me from the inside.

I switched the remote control to the highest setting and my bottom lip quivered. Sparks shot up my spine and down my legs and my hips spasmed. My breath caught and the coil that had been slowly tightening inside snapped. Wave after wave crashed over me, draining me of energy and slumping my body back into the soft blanket.

The dildo still pulsed inside of me and I cringed, the sensations too intense after the orgasm they’d just induced. I switched it off and dragged it out, dropping the wet length onto my stomach as I struggled to catch my breath. That was amazing. Why had I never bought myself a toy?

Laughter burst up my throat and I snuggled into the blanket. Forgetting Ben and Luke was going to be easier than I thought.