The Slap Bet

Jayne Renault
10 mins read
Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 5

The Slap Bet (Part 5)

moved aside to let Rob take my place. Knelt then before Noah, with his gaze lowered, Rob had a demure and deferential look about him. He always carried himself with a quiet confidence behind the bar, but this stoicism, this willing vulnerability he offered was a welcome bonus to an already pretty epic scenario.

“It’s okay.” I leaned right into Rob, nuzzling his neck. “Take your time,” I added softly before snaking my tongue into his ear. A shudder rushed through his body and he nearly giggled. As he softened into me, I guided his hand to rest gently on Noah’s thigh. I watched his fingers move slowly and carefully on their own, millimeters at a time, followed by a slight squeeze into the meat of Noah’s hamstring.

Noah swooned when I moved Rob's hand to replace the one he had on his cock.

“The key is to just treat him how you'd want to be treated,” I said, gently guiding Rob with my other hand pressed between his shoulders. I felt him moving willingly under my touch. Noah’s breathing was steady but alert as his friend’s face hovered closer and closer to his cock, still glistening with my spit.

The tension was so thick, so palpable, I felt the resistance of it all around us. Until I moved right through it and, like a curling rock freed to its path down the ice, Rob slid away from me on his own. First his lips, then this tongue found the waiting tip of Noah's cock. Again, he was gentle and cautious with his movements at first, but with every new inch, he grew steadier in his advance.

I couldn't help but smile when Noah’s hand floated instinctively to the side of Rob’s head, fingertips just grazing his scalp just so as if to say, You've got it, buddy.

I cupped the nape of Rob’s neck, following the movements of his skull as his mouth slurped further and further down the length of Noah's cock. Noah groaned a little louder when I gave his ass an encouraging squeeze. “How is he doing?” I asked.

“To be honest, not bad for a beginner,” he said looking down at Rob with a cheeky grin. “You sure it's your first time down there, dude?”

Rob’s stretched mouth curled up at the corners in response, which he followed up with a squeeze and tug on Noah's balls.

“Mmmygod,” Noah groaned. “And he's getting cocky now too. What has gotten into everyone tonight?”

“You can buy Erin a shot later,” I said dreamily, running a hand between Rob's legs. “Mm, Rob, you look so hot with Noah's cock in your mouth. Doesn't he, Noah?” 

“He really does.

Rob smiled again; saliva dripped down his chin and hit the floor. I felt an odd sense of pride watching my first protégé taking to his task so naturally. 

I gently massaged the back of Rob’s head with one hand and stroked his erection with the other.

“Do you like how his cock feels in your mouth, Rob? It’s so smooth, isn't it?” I pushed his head down a little, challenging him to take more, until I found the resistance of his gag reflex and held him there. Rob’s cock thumped hard in my grip. “Like a roll of satin, all the way back to your throat and then some, hm?” I looked up at Noah and nodded the seriousness of my claims.

Noah was far as down Rob's throat as he could take it, though his nose still couldn't quite reach the soft patch of dark hair over Noah’s pubic bone. He tapped me gently on thigh and I released him. Rob’s recovery breath was sharp, his thirsty swallow audible. He smiled and laughed through his nose as he wiped a tear away. 

“Damn, Rob...” Noah was panting too. “That was...”

Clearing his throat, Rob looked up at Noah and the two of them exchanged grins brimming with renewed hunger just before Rob dove back down on Noah’s cock.

Like with his kiss earlier, Rob’s sloppy fervor was taking over, his cautious exploration turning to more forceful enjoyment.

“Yes, Rob,” I said, stroking his thick cock a little harder. “You feel that strain building in the corners of your jaw? That's what I felt when I had you in my mouth. This is what winning tastes like. Isn’t it delicious?”

I gasped when Rob's hand suddenly snaked under to tease past my underwear at the wetness between my folds. Leaning my cheek into Noah's thigh, he and I groaned together as Rob choked on a little burst of laughter. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. I shot a rueful smile back at him and watched him take Noah just a little deeper without any more encouragement from me, but Rob's fingers on my clit were forcing my urgency to the forefront.

“Alright, that’s enough.” I gripped Rob by the scruff of his hair and pulled him back off Noah’s cock. “I’m feeling left out now.”

“Well, he said smiling, though his voice was as strained as the muscles in his neck. “That's the last thing I would want for you.”

“I thought so.” I let him go. “On your feet.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He scrambled up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Before I joined him, I turned back to Noah's cock. 

“Mm... Maybe one more a quick taste before the main course.” 

Wide-open and wanting from having watched Rob’s diligent exploration, my tongue ran a victory lap over Noah’s Rob-slicked cock. I lapped it all up, sucking Noah with just enough force, but perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.

“Whoa.” Noah's hands cradled the sides of my head, bringing me to a reluctant halt. “Come here,” he said inviting me to stand with him.

Noah took my lead. As I peeled off my underwear and leaned myself front first into the tabletop, he shuffled around to the other side and inched in close until his cock could reach my mouth. 

“Mm, that’s perfect,” I purred.

He leaned down to kiss me while Rob approached from the other side and began to tease between my legs. 

I started to laugh just as Rob rubbed his sheathed cock up and down between my labia. 

“You good, Meg?”  he asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just…” I sighed, “Erin is going to be so pissed.”

Their collective heady silence reminded me that they didn't know what I meant; the way they impaled me from either end with more boldness than I could have hoped for suggested they didn't care either.

I gave in fully to their attention then. Rob’s thrusts between my legs stretched me wider than I’d been in too long, while Noah curved into the roof of my mouth in a different, very satisfying way from this new angle. My two boys settled into a rhythm, both pounding into me, at each other, in tandem, like the heads of their cocks were tunneling along my spine, seeking to meet in my middle.

The table shuddered from their opposing forces but held me steady. I writhed to one side, inviting them both the dig a little deeper. As I reached out and gave Noah’s balls a squeeze, Rob found my clit and a charged moan rattled through me.

“Jesus christ, Megs…” Noah said, his hand down the front of my top again.

I smiled around his cock, trying to suck harder every time he pulled back, but I was unraveling a little more with every frantic circle Rob ran around my clit, every thrust he hit home at just the right angle.

Rob's gentle strength and unexpected confidence, mixed with Noah's natural ability to both lead and follow, had me racing towards my undoing in ways, before that night, I’d only ever lived out in my fantasies. That dusty old table kept me from sinking into the centre of the earth, and thank god Noah's cock stayed lodged so firmly in place, because I'd almost certainly have screamed out into the darkness and frightened the patrons below. 

“Fuck, Meghan, you’re gonna make me come.”

I wasn't about to let them stop. I was too close. I squeezed Noah’s ass and tugged his balls simultaneously, urging him to continue, inviting him to stay right where he was. 

That did it.

A few strokes later, he grunted his end into my throat and I swallowed every last bit of what he had to offer. I couldn't see his face, but Rob’s groaning reaction told me it was glorious. I released Noah's exhausted cock from my mouth and flashed him a quick smile as he collapsed into the wall behind him.

Meanwhile, Rob didn’t waver. His stern and steady thrusts magically curved into my G-spot before tapping my depths. But he was growing increasingly tense; he too was nearing his point of no return.

I propped myself up on one arm and swatted Rob’s hand away.

“I’ve got this,” I told him with the urgency of an emergency room nurse. “You just fuck me into this table now like this is your win too.” I hooked one leg over his shoulder and pulled him down into a shoddy, sloppy kiss. 

While my fingers flew furiously over my clit, Rob pounded me with every ounce of vigor he had left until we started to crumble. Just as my moan was about to take off, Noah leaned in behind me, clasping one hand over my mouth and the other at my neck. I pushed back into his chest, closed my idle hand over my throat with him, and nodded frantically, encouraging him to tighten his grip. Naturally, he took the direction well, and the perfect totality of the moment pulled me into oblivion. All of my edges squeezed, closed in on themselves and burst back out into the darkness of the room. My weepy, breathy whimpers were nicely muted as they filtered through the tiny cracks in Noah’s grip.

As I collapsed back into Noah, he hooked his chin on my shoulder and drew a shiver from me as he kissed behind my ear. Rob, utterly spent, wilted into my front. Chests heavy, sweat beaded in the crooks of our joints, tops askew, we all breathed heavily into our mass of exposed limbs and gradually came back down together.

I was wobbly when I stood up and looked down at myself. I tried to right myself, but it was a bit of chore with how twisted my clothes were. My skirt had become an awkward bandeau wrapped tight around my midsection. I wasn't alone in my awkwardness--Rob’s fingers were shaking as he fumbled with the zipper on his pants. When I turned around, I found Noah examining a little white stain at the edge of his T-shirt.

All this because Erin wanted to slap me in the face.

I couldn’t help it — the smile on my face cracked and a slow laugh gurgled in my gut until it came pouring out of me like a busted garden house. I couldn't stop it. Soon we were all caught up in waves of rolling laughter until we finally washed up somewhere down shore.

“Damn, boys, am I ever thirsty, I said when I finally collected myself.

Noah laughed and nodded to Rob. “Understatement of the year over here,” he said gesturing at me with one thumb. 

I linked elbows with my two favorite consolation prizes again, looking at each one in turn. “Shall we?”

“Yes, ma’am,” they said in smirking unison.

We all walked back to the bar together, only a little disheveled (we made a pit stop in the staff lounge for a quick mirror check before greeting the public), all rosy cheeks and lazy smiles. Erin's seat was empty, but our glasses were still there. I looked at Colin inquiringly.

“Bathroom, I think…” he said with a shrug. “She was looking a little sick.”

I didn't suppress the flash of smug pride that zapped through me when he said it.

Colin was lining up four shots of whiskey for me just as Erin rounded the corner. Her chin hit the floor again when she saw us all standing there with the obvious written all over us.

“You want a shot?” I asked her as she sat down next to me. 

“Not really,” she said, a little dejected. But yeah, please.

It wasn’t really a question. Colin had already added a fifth glass to the line.

“Well, cheers, guys.”


We all clinked without spilling a drop, knocked the empties a couple times on the bar and Colin cleared them away.

“Thanks again for the tour, boys,” I said. “Maybe next time you can show me that weird glass room in the basement.”

“It would be a pleasure, I'm sure,” Rob said, passing a coy smirk from me to Noah.

“And then some,” Noah added.

I gave them each a high five in turn; both met me with an instantly gratifying smack.

Then I swiveled in my seat, wound up, and slapped Erin across the face. Stunned, her jaw dropped for the third time that night and stayed there as her fingers rose to her stinging cheek.

“You were right,” I said. “That was really satisfying.”

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