Girls Night Out

Eva Monroe
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Published almost 2 years ago
Chapter 2

Girls Night Out (Part 2)

“I- I’m s-sorry…” I stuttered between blows. 

“You and your bitchy friends will be nicer to servers from now on, won’t you?”

“Y-yes… W-we will…”

She laughed, relishing in the moment. “Beg for mercy.”

“Please… H-have mercy…” I stammered, making her laugh more and spank me harder.

With my nipples being tormented on one end and my ass annihilated on the other, I got a little lost in physical sensation. By the time the waitress had her fill, I saw that Violet had somehow been persuaded to expose her glorious tits, and two of the guests - a man and a woman - were enjoying them while she’d witnessed my punishment. She smiled at me when I caught her eye, making me blush. I had to lower my head to keep from showing my amusement, something my Mistress would certainly not tolerate. 

After the waitresses left, my Mistress approached me and held out her phone. The screen displayed a text from you: Haha, punished by the help! Tell my naughty little slut she looks good being disciplined in such a public manner.

“Well?” she asked, impatient. “What do you say to your Master?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

She smacked my naked tits. “Address me properly, slut.”

“Please, Mistress, tell him… Th-thank you, Sir.”

“That’s a good pet. Now let my man take a turn on that naughty, bruised ass of yours.”

She pulled me forward by my leash, until I was laying over the birthday boy’s lap. He pulled my panties down even further, until they were around my knees. 

“Spread your legs like a good puppy.”

I obeyed him at once, and his fingers found their target. He not only played with my wetness outside, marveling at how I was now dripping all over his hand, but also fingered my insides, thrusting in and out with abandon. If he kept it up I was going to come, and hard… 

My Mistress grabbed me by the collar, forcing me to look up at her. Her voice was stern.

“No coming before the birthday boy.” She looked at him and smiled. “I think someone needs to be spanked for being such a greedy little slut.” 

Clearly, she wanted to watch her man discipline me, and I wondered if she’d been keen on the idea since that night in your apartment, when she’d had so much fun tormenting me.

Obliging, the birthday boy smacked my ass repeatedly, and I couldn’t imagine just how red and battered it would be from all this abuse. Sitting down after this certainly wouldn’t be easy… 

My Mistress made me apologize for almost coming, and for being such a greedy little slut. She reminded me that I was not allowed to come without permission, and I still needed to earn it.

With that, she pulled me off the couch by my leash, commanding me to kneel in front of her man. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” she instructed.

Following her orders, the birthday boy watched me with a smirk. She smiled at him while she caressed my lips and tongue… 

“Can I watch you fuck this pretty little mouth?”

He answered with a grin. “Only if you hold her still for me.”

Passing off her phone to a friend, who proceeded to document all that followed, my Mistress took up my leash in one hand, and held me by the hair with the other. Bracing me against her torso, she held me steady while her man took out his hard and very large cock, running it all over my face and slapping my tongue with it. Mistress laughed and urged him on.

Just before he slammed his cock down my throat, I heard moans from where Violet was… It was hard to see, but out of the corner of my eye, it looked like she was bent over and getting fucked, her impressive tits bouncing with every thrust… 

But then my mouth was full of cock and my own moans drowned out Violet’s noises of ecstasy, while my gaze was commanded away from her. 

“Look up at him, slut.” My Mistress slapped my face and I did as I was told. She pulled my dress and bra all the way down around my waist, so she had better access to my exposed tits. While her gentleman friend rammed his cock down my throat, making me gag and drool, she pinched and fondled me, rubbing my spit and his juices all over my naked breasts.

When he was about to come, she knelt down next to me, pulling my hair, hard. I whimpered and looked to her for instruction.

“Swallow it, slut. If you miss a drop I’ll take you downstairs on your leash, and walk you through the bar just like this…”

That pushed her man over the edge, and his hot come shot down my throat. I was careful to swallow all of it, showing my Mistress how well I could follow orders.

“Fuck,” the birthday boy observed, “baby, you get me the best presents.”

I stayed on my knees while they kissed and cooed at each other over me. I took advantage of the moment to sneak a look at Violet, and sure enough, she was stripped mostly naked herself, with the same man and woman enjoying her body. She was on display on the settee, with the man’s cock in her mouth and the woman’s head between Violet’s legs. Looked like she’d decided to participate after all… 

My Mistress instructed me to wait as I was, and I was suddenly keenly aware of all the other eyes on me in the room. I lowered my lashes like a good pet, and waited patiently for more instruction, while the small group of strangers ogled my mostly naked and very defiled body. 

I heard the VIP waitress telling someone, “She showed the video to the girls at that other rude table, and they immediately apologized. They even begged her not to spank them!” She and her audience laughed, and I felt a flush creeping up my neck, thinking about even more people seeing a video like that, of me exposed and punished and begging… God, I was desperate to come.

As if psychic, my Mistress picked up my leash and pulled me onto my feet. She smirked over at Violet, commenting that my friend was certainly enjoying herself. Then she led me over to a wall of windows and told me to sit on a small couch, facing the outside. We were high up, but with other tall buildings so close, there were surely neighbors who would enjoy the view. Several of the partygoers also followed us over, to see what my Mistress would do with me next.

She sat next to me and told me I’d been a very good little puppy.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I bet a horny little bitch like you is just aching to come. Aren’t you?”

I lowered my eyes, an act of contrition. “Yes, Mistress.” 

“I’ll tell you what… I’ll make you come, in front of these windows and in front of my friends - oh, and your friend, too!” Violet and her lovers had emerged from their corner, joining the group. Her eyes post-orgasm heavy, Violet relaxed against the woman who had pleasured her.

“I will make you come in front of all these people,” her smile was wicked… “and then I’m going to adjust your clothes as I see fit, with my man’s dried juices all over your cleavage, and I will lead you downstairs and out of the club on your leash.”

There were noises of amusement from the assembled group, and even Violet smiled in her post-coital haze. Even after only one previous night with me, my Mistress knew how desperate I was to come… She knew that I would agree.

“Do we have a deal, slut?”

“Y-yes… Yes, Mistress.”

She laughed. “I thought so.”

After making sure her friend would continue to take photos and videos, Mistress got to work. She ran her hands all over my exposed body, slapping my tits and my wet pussy… 

“Spread your legs wider, slut,” she commanded, and I obeyed, with nowhere to look but at the eyes all glued to my vulnerable body, serving at the pleasure of my Mistress. Out the wall of windows, I noticed a few onlookers taking in the show… I was so worked up, it didn’t take long.

“That’s a good little bitch… Nice and wide for everyone to see… Dod, you are so wet, slut… You’re dripping all over the furniture… Mmm, here have a taste…”

She shoved her wet fingers in my mouth, making me suck and lick them clean. A few of the other guests were also documenting my abasement on their phones, and I distractedly wondered how many people would be watching me come tonight…  

“Now, beg, slut. Tell us all how badly you want to come…”

“Please, M-mistress… Please let me come… I w-want it… I n-need it…”

She shook her head at me. “Aww, I know you do.” She caressed the inside of my things, making me crazy, but I didn’t dare move. “Naughty little sluts like you will do anything to come, won’t you?”

“Y-yes, Mistress… Please, please let me come…”

“Hmm…” her hand moved slowly towards my dripping pussy… “What if I decided to parade you through the bar on your leash… naked? Hmm?” 

I whimpered, not sure if her threat was serious… But I was so frenzied I didn’t care.

“I… Yes, Mistress.”

“You’d let me humiliate you like that?” she absentmindedly stroked me, hovering just over my throbbing clit… 

“Yes… Oh god… Yes, Mistress…”

“Tsk… Why am I not surprised. Horny little bitches like you will do anything…”

And with that she alternated between rubbing my clit and spanking my pussy, until I was crying out in pure rapture, my tormented body writhing under her touch while a small crowd of people ogled every moment… And the release was so beautiful, I barely registered their presence.

Until the wave subsided, and once again the room was full of eyes soaking me in. 

Wasting no time, my Mistress pulled me to my feet.

“Now let’s see…”

She looked me over, like she was studying a piece of meat she might buy.

“You were a very good pet tonight, so I don’t think completely naked is necessary…”

Fuck. I’d almost forgotten I was to be led out of the bar on my leash… She’d gotten me to agree to it in such a desperate state… 

She pulled my panties back up, but then only lowered my dress a little, so my bruised, red ass cheeks peeked out for all to see. Then she made a similar adjustment for my tits. Pulling up my bra, she made sure my cleavage was propped so high that my nipples poked over the top… and she left the top of my dress around my waist. Taking up my leash, she smiled at her work.

“There. That’s a good look for you, slut.”

Flushing with embarrassment, I reminded myself that it could be a lot worse. 

She had me say thank you and goodbye to my audience, giving each of them a turn to fondle, lick, or smack whatever part of me they wanted, ensuring that I was all hot and bothered again before we made our way downstairs.

Violet followed us into the elevator, still drunk on the effects of her lust. She leaned into me and smiled. “You really are a pretty puppy,” she murmured, and I smiled at her much deserved pleasure. 

When the elevator doors open, the bodyguard looked me over and smirked. I braced myself for a lot of those expressions… 

Sure enough, as my Mistress took up my leash and led me through the bar, everyone stared openly, and a few random hands even groped my ass. Several cameras flashed, and I did my best to keep my head up but my eyes lowered, like a good pet. 

Leading me out onto the street, it became clear that my Mistress had very generously ordered us a car. She removed my leash and collar - slowly, letting passersby enjoy the view - and pulled up the top of my dress. She stopped there, letting bits of my body peek out from under the fabric, while she took my face in her hands.

“You are a very good little puppy. We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

Then she kissed me, long and slow, inviting hoots and hollers from quite a few onlookers. 

She opened the door for me and Violet to climb in, and patted my ass along the way. With a wink, she shut the door, and Violet rested her head on my shoulder for the cozy, sated ride home.

Later, I sent you a text.

Did I please you tonight, Sir?

Your reply was prompt.

Very much, my beautiful slave.

I smiled…  And then blushed at your next message.

Especially in this moment… 

And underneath was a photo of me, on display in front of the entire party, with my Mistress whispering in my ear and her hand between my legs, my face the very picture of euphoria.

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