Boy-Boy (8)

Three's a Great Time

Timothy Bishop14 mins

I began to suspect that James also had an ulterior motive in coming over. I refilled my wine glass as well, and Ryan’s, finishing the bottle. None of us were drunk, but there was a thickness in the air around us... Could my old suggestion that we add another man into our sex lives perhaps be coming true?


A Sir from the Sauna

Timothy Bishop11 mins

Jonathan saw me staring, and grinned. He began to thrust into Calvin’s mouth, who moaned and only increased his rapid moves on Jonathan. I could feel myself getting hard, and wanting some action of my own.


She Loves the Attention

Bridget Bellecerise13 mins

I wait for them, as instructed, in a hotel room... I suggested Greg, Nick’s best friend, who not only has flirted with me on a few drunken occasions, but I’ve also noticed he and Nick getting tantalizingly cozy during some late night hangouts. They’re both handsome, fun, ideal for this fantasy of mine.


Only A Man

C. J. Labrousse16 mins

He tells me that he’d just like me to enjoy it; that what we were talking about earlier is true and he intends to prove it. And I don’t know; maybe it’s the cocktails or The Connaught, but I slide back onto the sheets and tell him that I don’t believe it at all and he should try to prove me wrong. “Challenge accepted,” he mutters and renews his grip on my dick.


First Time's a Charm

Timothy Bishop9 mins

Keith massaged my shoulders and kissed my neck, and grew even harder. He plucked at the band of my underwear. “Can I take these off?” he asked in a calm voice. I nodded that he could.


Horatio Slice: Confessions of a Space Pirate

Oleander Plume9 chapters

When Hunky rock star Horatio Slice falls through a portal into an alternate dimension, he finds himself in a jail cell next to the hottest space pirate in the universe, Snake Vinter. High-octane (and very sexy) interdimensional adventure ensues.

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My New Master

Timothy Bishop5 mins

James MacMaster is a young man starting the next chapter of his life: he has graduated university, moved to a new city, and gotten a new job. But things really start to look up when a charming older man comes into his life and makes him feel like everything might just work out after all.



Exhibit A5 mins

When Jen wakes up alone in the middle of the night, she expects her husband is downstairs working in his study. What she doesn't expect is that she might find him there with some very unlikely company.