First Time (21)

A Perfect Prom Night

Margot Scott20 mins

Is that what you want, baby girl?” I can barely hear him above the throbbing bass, but it’s like my ears were specially tuned to hear his music. “Because I can give it to you, the right way. The way you deserve to be treated.” I don’t know what he means by the right way. All I know is that I want him to give it to me.



Dr. J.14 mins

Mo just has that certain something that makes sex with her extraordinary,” Dan added. “She’s creative and vibrant during sex.” I chuckled. “Yeah, I think that’s why we’re all here. It was her idea to get us all here for connection, fun, and to show me something new.” I pointed to each of us. “A threesome...


High School Crush

Bridget Bellecerise12 mins

He chuckles, releases my hair, and sits back thoughtfully. I take in the sight of him, his thick auburn beard, cut close to his sharp jawline, his strong hands folded and steady on his lap. Everything about this man screams, Fuck me, daddy.


Lab Chemistry

Jessica Krueger11 mins

My gaze wandered back to Dr. Kincaid’s office. His head turned and our eyes locked from across the room for the third time that night. Only this time, no one else was in the office... He lifted his hand and crooked his finger, motioning me to him.


Quiet Hours

Flora Rae12 mins

You should know... I haven’t done this,” I told Ezra, not knowing what to expect as the words settled around us. But Ezra surprised me. “We can take it as slow as you want,” he whispered. “Or as slow as you can stand it...


She Loves the Attention

Bridget Bellecerise13 mins

I wait for them, as instructed, in a hotel room... I suggested Greg, Nick’s best friend, who not only has flirted with me on a few drunken occasions, but I’ve also noticed he and Nick getting tantalizingly cozy during some late night hangouts. They’re both handsome, fun, ideal for this fantasy of mine.


Only A Man

C. J. Labrousse16 mins

He tells me that he’d just like me to enjoy it; that what we were talking about earlier is true and he intends to prove it. And I don’t know; maybe it’s the cocktails or The Connaught, but I slide back onto the sheets and tell him that I don’t believe it at all and he should try to prove me wrong. “Challenge accepted,” he mutters and renews his grip on my dick.


House Rules

Rachel Woe20 mins

I glanced at his lap and licked my lips at the sight of the bulge his jeans. "Kneel at my feet," he said. I dropped to my knees and crawled to him. Cole cupped my cheek in his hand. I pressed my face into it and kissed his palm. “You’re a natural, Madeline.” I beamed.


First Time's a Charm

Timothy Bishop9 mins

Keith massaged my shoulders and kissed my neck, and grew even harder. He plucked at the band of my underwear. “Can I take these off?” he asked in a calm voice. I nodded that he could.


Read Me Like a Book

Sorcha Rowan15 mins

Betty gently moved Sasha’s arms away. “Don’t hide your beauty,” she said as she cupped Sasha’s breast and trailed her thumb over puffy flesh. She leaned in and flicked at the nipple with her tongue. As she did, her hand caressed the soft skin over Sasha’s ribs, taking more of her shyness away with every touch.


Flipping the Switch

Mischa Eliot10 mins

After a month of her sweetheart neglecting her, this sub is ready to turn the tables and take her pleasure matters into her own hands.


Lap Dance Lust

Rachel Kramer Bussel7 mins

Her soft hair brushes against my face and shoulders; her breasts are pressed up against mine. Then I feel her thigh against my hand; she’s climbed up on the couch with me.


The Renovation

Erika Lynne Fitzpatrick12 mins

And now, she stood in front of him, laying bare the parts of her that she had long desired to share with him.


Tasting Twaila

Oya Calor7 mins

I guess you could say that meeting Twaila set me on fire, thus, saving me. But not in the religious sense.


The Night Crossing

Erika Lynne Fitzpatrick11 mins

It was early July, and the two were taking the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. Traveling with just the basics, Emma and Rachel had left their heavier clothing behind. A warm spell misled them into believing that the cooler air of the last several weeks was behind them. Tonight, though, they understood the full spectrum of weather that encompassed a Scandinavian summer.


Kink Curious

Carson March16 mins

You put your hand on my upper arm, squeeze, and when I look back and come face to face with you, you lean in to my ear, putting your other hand around to the small of my back. "Hi," you say, and I can hear the glint of laughter in your voice. "I found you."


Love is the Master Plan

Oya Calor10 mins

Jericho loves me, and I feel like a better person for it, but that still doesn’t change the fact that until recently, I was the one feeling pathetic—having to fantasize about him to get off. I’ve never been capable of moving past my heart’s immediate desires. I only had eyes for him.


Bill #1 Took My Virginity

Jordan Knox7 mins

Finally, I was naked. I was naked in front of another person for the first time, and I wanted him. I wanted him so bad.


Peaches for Three

Lauren Emily12 mins

I don’t feel any pressure to speed this up, to make her come. She seems content, excited even, to let me explore her body.


Two Yeses

Oya Calor14 mins

I hop off my stool, drain my glass, turn toward the beach, and strut my shit brazenly and slow as molasses so they get a good, long, view of my cuppable ass. I want them to imagine it in their hands. I want them to imagine me bent over for them to spread me open and look inside. And so that’s how I walk. I know they’re seeing it, but I don’t look back.


The Birthday Bash

Jayne Renault14 mins

You fiddle behind her back with one hand to release the clasp of her bra and wonder why so many guys seem to have such a hard time accomplishing this minor feat. It falls to the floor with a soft thump and you place a hand on each of her plump breasts. You realize this is the first time you’ve ever really explored a woman’s body that wasn’t your own.